Simple Guide to Serving Red Wine


Red wine is a very peculiar alcoholic drink, mainly because many factors can impact the way it tastes. From choosing the right type of red wine to glasses and proper serving, there are many things that can either improve the taste and falvour of a wine or make it the worst experience ever.

Serving red wine is not only a factor of the taste and flavour, but it is a form of art. If you do not serve the wine properly, you may spoil its characteristics. That’s surely not what you want, right? With that in mind, learn how to properly pour, serve and consume red wine.

One of the most important things when serving red wine is knowing how much of a glass needs to be filled. Doctors say that a glass of red wine per day is beneficial for our health, but how much is the recommended amount? Even few milliliters can make all the difference. Most people serving red wine fill the glass with 150-180 ml, but according to a recent study, the shape, size and location of your wine glass have an influence on how much of wine you should pour.

The participants in this study poured about 12% more wine when they used a wide glass instead of a standard one. Also, they poured more wine when they held the glass, not when it was placed on a table. These tiny details can make a big differences and can increase your calorie intake, if you consume red wine on a daily basis. Do not consume more than one glass a night if you still want your bones strong and to be immune to certain diseases.

Serving red wine has a significant impact on the way the wine tastes. First, you need to choose proper glasses for your particular type of wine. As there are different types of red wines, there are also different types of glasses and choosing the right ones does matter.

Another important factor of serving red wine properly is the temperature. Wines taste different at different temperatures. Reds are usually best served at room temperature, but not if the house is overly heated and the room temperature is too high.

Here’s a serving red wine guideline to remember:

  • do not touch the glass with the bottle;
  • place the glass on a table;
  • twist the bottle at the end to prevent drips;
  • fill the glass only one third full to provide space for swirling;
  • pour wine slowly into the glasses.