Using Yoga Blocks to Enhance Your Yoga Abilities

Yoga Blocks

If you are new to yoga, then you know just how difficult some poses can be for you to do properly. There are some items out there that can really help you with this, one of them being a yoga block. It is a block that can really support you and help you get into proper yoga poses. It is especially handy when you are trying to perfect a pose where you have to really stretch it out. For those of you wondering, a yoga block is essentially a block that is made out of cork, hard foam, or wood and are usually a little bit bigger than your hands or feet. So many people have started using yoga blocks Australia wide, if you want to know more about how to use it and what it can do for you continue below.

So how do you actually use a yoga block? Well, you would use it if you were trying to do a forward fold or triangle pose and you are having some problems reaching the floor properly. You could easily put the yoga blocks under your hands and then you would have a stable surface which is easier for you to reach. The blocks come in a shape that gives you three different levels that are all different heights so as you get better in one position you can slowly train yourself to get lower and lower to the ground. This is a really great item for people who are just starting out in yoga and may not be as flexible. By using yoga blocks, you can slowly reach your goals all without risking injury.

Not only are yoga blocks Australia wide being used for stretching and flexibility but you can also build strength. For example, you could put the block between your legs or put one in your hand as a form of resistance which is what you need for strength training. By doing this with yoga blocks you are essentially making the workout more intense. While some yoga blocks are made of cork and foam you might want to get a heavier option like wood if you plan on using it for strength training as well. You will get better results with a heavier yoga block if you also want to use it to work on your strength as well as your flexibility.

So in conclusion, it should come as no surprise that yoga blocks have taken over the nation. They are a simple yet very effective tool at easing the transition into yoga. Not only are they effective but they are also inexpensive, which is rare with most athletic gear. You should really consider trying them out if you are having problems with your stretching and flexibility which is something that most beginners have problems with. Using something like this will correct your pose and balance reducing the risk of injury as well. If you are not sure where to find yoga blocks then you can easily search for them online where you will find a whole range for a variety of prices and sizes.