A Mighty Guide: Pet Beds Chosen Right

Pet beds

Our pets are part of our family, so it’s only natural for you to want to provide them with the best care. Dogs sleep just as much as humans and it is vital for them to be comfortable. Just like us, a dog wants to sleep in a warm and comfortable place, therefore selecting the right pet beds can make a huge difference in their happiness. So how do you know which bed is right for your pet? There are a lot of factors that play a vital role in deciding which pet bed to choose, so we’ll go over a few different options that will hopefully make your decision easier.

Super Support Bed

One of the main give-aways that this is the bed for your dog is if after a long run or walk your dog wants to go lie down on a cushioned spot. This may indicate that your dog needs some extra support, you can tell these dogs apart as they like to sleep on their sides with belly and legs out, tucked in, or behind them. This is a simple, but a very good bed and gives your dog the perfect place to rest. It is comfortable and supportive for their joints. You just need to ensure that it is big enough for your dog to lay down and stretch out without his legs touching the floor.

Lounger Bed

You can tell this is the bed for your dog if they like to sleep on their backs or in your bed. A lounger would probably be your best option as they are the softest and roomiest beds on the market. Your dog will love to crash on this bed as it is soft and cushioned, but still provides the support he needs. They come in many different sizes and shapes, the most common being square and round. Once again you need to make sure your dog has enough room to lie down and roll around without falling off.

Nestling Bed

A hint that can reveal your dog’s desire for this type of bed is an instance in which you caught him snuggling up against the back pillows of the sofa or in a big plushy chair. If this is the case with your dog, then they might prefer something a bit more cushioned and pillowy. They crave a nest and extra protection which these beds can provide. They feature higher walls with plenty of support for their heads. There are many different sizes and shapes these beds come in, so you have to determine which one will enable your dog to easily get in and out while being comfortable.

Regarding your dog’s and your best interest, we suggest investing in something more expensive if it’s higher quality, rather than buying a cheaper version but having to replace it sooner. If you are not sure, you can always search for different beds online until you find something you think is right, if not why not go into a store near you where someone can guide you in the right direction. We love our pets so why not give them a comfortable spot of their own?