A Simple Guide to Choosing the Right Effects Rack Case

effects rack case

If you are someone that performs and tours on frequent basis, you understand the hassle of having to move all of your equipment with you. Besides your instrument, you probably also carry some additional equipment like microphone preamplifiers, power conditioners, mixers, wireless gear, processors and other audio equipment. Plus, you also need a rack to tidily store and protect all of these pieces of equipment.

A portable effects rack case is a must-have for any touring musician who values and wants to protect his valuables of this kind. Electronic equipment can be quite expensive and damaging it can cost you more than investing in a protection case. An effects rack case is a protective enclosure which was designed to help you organize your servers and network devices in the best way possible, consequently reducing the risk of any faults and damages.

There are many models you can choose from today and thanks to the internet, you can easily find the one that will suit you best. Furthermore, here are a few tips and tricks to help decide easier which rack to pick.

Rack Depth

Depending on how much equipment you need to store, you might need to consider getting a rack that will easily accommodate all of it. Have enough space for any connectors and cables that need to stay plugged in when the rack is closed. If your gear isn’t very deep, consider a shallow-style rack. They are usually lighter and save space during transportation. If you are unsure about how much room you need, mention all the equipment you have to the sellers and they will surely provide you with the best option.


There are many features that a server rack can possess. Determine beforehand which ones you find necessary and how you want to utilize them. Factors like type of equipment and available space are very important in this case. The rack can have a few shelves, or be a single compartment unit. It can either be open or closed and can have wheels.

Quality Design for Maximum Protection

Choosing a rack case can be quite confusing due to the many models available on the market. Quality is something that you should highly consider and shouldn’t shy away from paying a few extra dollars to secure it. In reality, cheaper models are more prone to damage and won’t last you as long as a more expensive case will. Even though the initial investment in a cheaper case is lower, down the road you will most likely have to pay for repairs or a replacement and will turn out to be the more expensive option. Investing in quality will ensure you get the best value for your money and provide superior protection for all of your equipment.