A Simple Guide to Hanging Plants: How to Take Proper Care of Them

What Are Hanging Planters?

Hanging planters are a lovely way to spruce up a home without breaking the bank. They come in a range of different materials, giving you the freedom to choose what meets your home setting best. So, if you want to add instant charm and a pop of colour to your home, you can surely achieve that with such wall hangings.

Just make sure you choose the right indoor plant  for your hanging planter, as not all of them can be kept inside. Besides being the perfect decorative piece, indoor plants can provide you with numerous health benefits  that you shouldn’t neglect.

The Most Popular Hanging Planter

Although there are different types of hanging planters available on the market, it seems that macrame plant hangers catch the eye the most. Available in different patterns and sizes, these appealing decorative wall hangers can give your home the needed dash of style while giving your plants the stylish home they deserve. The macrame decorative wall hangers are a great way to add a pop of colour and greenery to your home. Thus, choosing the right design can certainly contribute more to your home style.

macrame hanger plants

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Types of Macrame Plant Hangers

Simple Macrame Pattern – As the name implies, these planters are simple. There are no interesting patterns, colours, knots or beads added to it, making them the ideal option for those who want the plant itself to be the main highlight.

Colourful Macrame – Generally speaking, macrame is done with a white thread, but this doesn’t mean that you can’t choose anything different. Nowadays, you have the freedom to choose from different thread colours, giving you the opportunity to add more colour to your home.

Important Things to Consider When Buying Macrame Planters

Type of Thread Material

Macrame planters can be made from a different type of thread material which is closely related to their weight capacity. While some materials are strong and durable, others are weaker and not the best suitable option for hanging a heavy planter.

The Hook Type

Since these planter holders are designed to hold a hanging object, the type of hook can also play a major role in how much weight it could hold. Planter hooks are available in a range of sizes and materials, which is why you should carefully choose the one for your planter. In order to do this, you should take into account the overall planter and soil weight.

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Where Can I Buy Macrame Plant Hangers?

Because the material can play a huge role in how durable the hanger would be, it’s of vital importance to buy a macrame hanger from any reliable and trusted online or offline store.

How to Take Care of Hanging Plants

While the weight of the plant is closely related to the soil and type of planter material, you should also consider the structure of the wall. You shouldn’t install hooks straight into plaster or drywall, because the planter could fall and make huge damage to the floor. The wall structure should be firm and sturdy, able to hold the supposed planter weight. In case you already have installed hooks, test them before hanging the planters.

When it comes to watering, you should keep in mind that the air near the ceiling tends to be warmer and drier. So, it goes without saying that your hanging plants will need a little more water than the ones on the floor. Now, since we are talking about hanging planters, instead of using a chair when watering them, it’s more secure to invest in a step-ladder.

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How to Protect Indoor Floor & Furniture

One of the worst things that could happen from having a planter like this is water drainage. Besides choosing the right planter, you should also consider some other options in order to avoid water drainage.

Consider Attaching a Tray

When choosing a hanging planter, make sure the wall hanger of your choice has enough room to hold the planter tray. Trays are an essential piece of hanging planters as they can hold any excess water. The tricky thing about trays is that even a little too much water can end up on your floors, making a huge mess.

Consider Adding a Pot Within a Pot

Except for being an easy way to change up the style of your hanging plants and create different ambient in different rooms whenever you want, adding extra pots will surely prevent water drainage. Now, while this is a great idea, you shouldn’t neglect the overall planter weight. Even though you choose to add a plastic planter, it can still add to the overall weight which is why you should take into account everything.

Before doing anything, measure the planter weight and test the hook. In case water drainage is a persistent problem, you should consider watering outside or in your bathtub. That way, the excess water could drain without causing you any difficulties.