A Simple Guide to Home Decor That’s All but a Bore

Some people have the wonderful talent of being able to create items people would love to look at, often even to the extend of wanting to have them in their home. Other people, on the other hand, have a different type of talent which has to do with being able to arrange some of those items in an aesthetically pleasing way.

Decorative items have a very prominent role, even though they might be the last thing homeowners thinks about, meaning in order to be able to decorate, you first need to have everything else ready. But these items have the power to add a lot of character to a space, without spending too much money. That being said, let’s talk about three specific homewares that when used together can both complement each other and add a lovely oomph to a living room.

Moroccan Rug

Nothing adds warmth to a space as the right rug. But rugs are so common and many of us feel as if it’s all been seen and it’s all been done. Well, while there is a lot of truth in that statement, there’s always a way to be authentic and think out of the box. This is when the Moroccan rug’s role is revealed. The unique beauty about these rugs is that although they are predictable enough (they all tend to feature pinks and oranges), their irregular geometric patterns are a representation of the ‘folk’ art of Morocco and are connected to the tales of the lives of the women who make them. And no two tales are the same, as you may have guessed. They are a rare thing to spot among the homewares online Australia suppliers offer, but not impossible to find.

Hand Carved Serving Bowls

A set of serving bowls may be a common thing to see in almost any home, but not ones that look like the work of Robinson Crusoe. Bowls carved from a tree, especially those that have that rustic finish, can add a unique natural decorative flair to your living room. In order to get the most of that flair, when making your research, look for those homewares online Australia stores offer while making sure that each piece is unique – the shapes need to be irregular and each piece has to be different from the rest. Also, make sure that the bowls are hand carved from reclaimed wood so that you can enjoy the decorative power of Nature while helping to preserve her.

Small Concrete Pots

Concrete pots have been mostly associated with the industrial style, but small ones that feature playful splashes of several different colours, defy this tendency. What they don’t defy though, is our already established rule for creating authentic décor – no two pots are the same, although they look alike. The patterns painted with different colours on their surface are a product of the maker’s momentary inspiration and that makes each pot very special.