A Simple Guide to Injecting the Right Dose of Western Vibe to Your Look with Ease

Sexy Stetson hat, brown cowboy boots, subtle checkered shirt and jeans. This is one of the most favoured outfit combos women love to see men wear, especially in urban areas. Although the western-style isn’t a common thing in urban areas, sometimes having just one cowboy piece on you can make a whole lot of difference. Women love masculine men and since the western style is considered such, injecting the right dose of the Wild West can be more than enough for getting more attention appearance-wise.

Boot up Your Feet

The first thing that comes to mind when it comes to the Wild West world is cowboy boots. They are considered the most authentic boot types due to the pointy toe, ranch-ready leather soles and eye-catching embroidered leather. Those who are interested in more eccentric things can choose ones with straps. There are lots of cowboy styles to choose from, out of which the roper one is ideal for those who are new to wearing boots. The reason is simple, they are lower and great for a stirrup which can be a little tricky if you are a newbie regarding horse riding as well.

“Roll up” Your Sleeves

Another thing that characterizes this style is men’s western shirts. A list like this cannot start without mentioning the all-time-favourite denim shirts, but for a calmer and subtle look, fashion designers recommend sticking to the cotton men’s western shirts. Cotton is the ideal fabric to wear throughout the year as it’s soft, comfortable and breathable. What’s more, it also has hypoallergenic and antibacterial properties. In order to stay true to the style, make sure you stick to long-sleeved and button-down checkered shirts.

Note: Fashion designers recommend choosing shirts that feature smaller checkered pattern for a calmed and more subtle look that can be successfully worn in urban areas as well.

Regarding the colours, plain navy, taupe and different hues of blue are some of the most popular ones , however, the checkered colour combo possibilities are endless. That being said, just make sure you choose according to your personal taste but also make sure that the choice complements the rest of the outfit. There’s also a plethora of different designs fit-wise in order to make sure that anyone can feel good in their skin. Some of the most common ones are the classic fit, slim fit, slim/skinny fit, the hanger loop and modern/contemporary fit.

Denim Your Bottom

Denim jeans have served western boys well since ever and are now considered a universal piece of clothing. They are durable, appealing and can protect you from the elements, hence, ideal for cowboys and cowgirls. A rule to remember is that the bottom of the jeans (the inseam) should be longer than usual so that it can go over the boots. Although women prefer tucking them in, cowboys like wearing them over the boots. Regarding the fit, make sure you choose a regular fit and avoid the modern skinny jeans.