A Simple Guide to Picking Your Next Drum Set

man playing his drum set

It’s all about that bass, no treble. When you hear the thump, thump, thump of a drummer banging his drum your heart goes right with him.  Drums are the base of music. They are much more than just an instrument you hit. I’m sure you noticed when you hit it softly, it’s different than when you hit harder. It all comes down to skill and practice. 

So, are you looking to expand your knowledge of drums or perhaps start a home studio? Follow along with me as we look at some essential pieces to look for when buying your next set. 

Where to Buy a Drum Set

Whether it’s a boom, tap, snare, or rattle you want to be heard. You can pick up your new drum set at any local or online instrument store. At the instrument store, you may find you feel either overwhelmed or excited by the many options. Thankfully, many stores will let you test out a drum set. A reputable and well-established instrument store is a one-stop shop to purchase everything you need to keep drumming. Some of the essentials are drumsticks, drum skins, and so on. 

When you see just how many accessories of drums there are, you will see just how much goes into this new endeavor. Gathering information before a purchase is great to make sure you get all you need. With this in mind, always have a budget this will help you not have any sticker shock at the music store. The cost of the drum set is based on the quality. Look at the hardware, does it look like it can withstand heavy use? 

Remember, you don’t have to make a purchase in haste because you are in the store. You can easily test it out in the store and then purchase it online. Buying a new drum set should be fun for you and that’s why it’s good to take your time when choosing.

What to Buy

Let’s stop beating around the bush.  If you are just starting, a 4-piece set minimum is best. This will allow you to have all the pieces you want and then add as you wish for a new sound. 

However, first things first, what are the components of a drum set? In any drum set kit, you will find a bass drum ( this is the biggest) and a drum stool. This is followed by hi-hats, snares, and tom-toms drums. You have above a ride and crash cymbal and down below a throne and bass drum pedal. 

I know, maybe these are all very new to you but before you know it they will be like old friends. When you buy a drum set kit you can always change the pieces and add to it as you progress in your new talent. 

There’s also more to consider – do you want acoustic or electric drums? Which sound is more melodious to you? What are the differences and benefits of electric and acoustic drums? 

a drum set
source: milleniumdrums.com

Electric Drums 

Electric drum sets have a bit more to them as they can come with editing tools. You can connect them to your phone and play along through Bluetooth.  With Bluetooth connectivity, you can stream sound from your computer, smartphone, or tablet. However, an added plus is an electric set that can be adjusted automatically to fix tone and note values while playing. They continue to track your progress and timing skills while you practice. 

electric drum set
source: drumeo.com

Acoustic Drums

These have been around a lot longer and have some perks over electric ones. For starters, acoustic drum sets are a lot less expensive than electric ones. An acoustic drum set gives the performer a real feel for the hi-hat and that bass. You have the chance to have a more authentic approach to learning drum. 

Although you don’t have to struggle with messy cables like electric drums, you do not have the added connections like Bluetooth and computer software. Still, your purchase of an acoustic drum set may be for you. In addition, if you don’t want a set of drums, a single acoustic drum is a great piece. One type is called conga drums. They are big drums in a cylinder shaper and all you need is your hands and the right rhythm to get moving. 

acoustic drum set
source: ca.yamaha.com