A Simple Guide to Stop Dog Barking Devices – Their Features & Different Types


They say dogs are a man’s best friend and I couldn’t agree more. They are loyal and protective and once they see you as a friend, they will always be by your side. But sometimes, it is precisely this protective quality (which most of the time is expressed through barking) is what annoys us or our neighbours. Dogs like to bark – that’s the way they communicate with each other and how they express emotion. And although we may love them to bits, controlling their barking can save you tons of headaches. Today on the market, you can find an array of anti-barking devices that can discourage your dog from barking. Anti barking devices are designed to detect when your dog is barking and to discourage him from doing so. Depending on the type, different devices achieve that through different methods.


Sound Emitters

Some stationary devices and some collars are made to emit ultrasonic sounds. These sounds can only be heard by dogs – they are so high pitched that it discourages them from barking. The ultrasonic stop dog barking device detects when the dog is barking via a sensor and releases a high pitched ultrasonic sound. Stationary bark stopping devices use the same sounds, only instead of them being attached to your dog they are in the yard or in a certain room in your house. They work in the same way by detecting whether your dog is barking and as a response, they send an ultrasonic sound. The only difference here is that stationary devices have a range, while collars work everywhere. If you are looking to get a stationary model for your yard, you need to know to what distance you need it to work so that you can get the right type.

dog barking deterrent devices

Spray Bark Control Device

Citronella bark control devices are the most popular bark control collars. They work by detecting when your dog is barking, exactly like the ultrasound bark control device, only instead of sending it an ultrasonic sound, these collars spray citronella. While citronella sprays smell pleasant to humans, dogs hate it. Depending on how big your dog is, you can dilute the citronella substance with water to make it less potent or regulate the volume of spray the collar puts out by adjusting the settings. Citronella oil is a natural substance and it is often used in food and drinks as a flavouring agent. It has a grassy and floral smell and it doesn’t bother people at all.

Anti Bark Collars

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  • Electric dog collars use electricity to stop your dog from barking. Although shock collars are very effective, many people consider them inhumane due to the small shock they give the pet.
  • Vibration collars function the same way as all the other collars, only when its sensor picks up that the dog is barking, instead of an electric shock or a citronella spray, the collar sends vibration. The way this collar prevents your dog from barking is by distracting it, they don’t hurt your dog but they are also not very effective, especially if your dog is big.

What Is the Best Stop Barking Dog Devices?

Out of all the options available, the most commonly used devices are the ultrasonic dog collars and the stationary ultrasonic devices. Ultrasonic dog collars are one of the best stop dog barking devices, however, they only work on one dog. The speaker is positioned close to the dog’s ear and the volume is set as high so that only your dog can hear it and it does not affect other dogs near it.

Stationary ultrasonic devices, on the other hand, have a much wider range. They can be used not only to keep your dog from barking but maybe even your neighbour’s dog if they are close enough to hear the ultrasonic sound. These devices can only be heard by your dog and they can’t bother humans. The sound is very annoying to dogs, however, not to the point where it is painful or causing them harm.