A Simple Guide to the Beautiful Simplicity of Scandinavian Design

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What’s up with those Scandinavians and their meticulously designed homes anyway? Maybe spending all those long winters inside gives them enough time to decorate to perfection. If I was confined inside my apartment for so long, the result would be a sofa covered with crumbs and pizza boxes scattered on the floor. But Scandinavians have apparently mastered the art of interior design and were friendly enough to open their doors so that the whole world can revel in it. Even us Australians, all the way from the other side of the planet, can easily find charming Scandinavian designer homewares online to adorn our homes with. If you too want to bring beautiful simplicity into your home, here’s a simple guide to the basic principles of Scandinavian interior design.

Simple but Delightful Homewares

What’s characteristic about Scandinavian homewares is their minimalistic designs and sharp clean textures. This depiction might sound cold, but if you look more closely, you will notice how homey and snugly they fit together. This is because Scandinavian designers create their lines of homewares with the ultimate aim to achieve a functional lived-in-ness. And the result is a style that masterfully blends beauty with practicality. Just by scanning the impressive range of designer homewares online you can come across delightful candles, impressive typography artworks, stunning wall fixtures and geometric prints that give the style a unique touch. And perhaps most distinct are the lighting choices coming in various materials and shapes, from aluminium and chrome, to glass or wood, which are a recognizable piece of the Scandinavian puzzle. For this style, homewares are not just simple details, they are the statement pieces that help achieve the final look.

Neutral but Interesting Shades

The climate has a large influence on the colour palette of this style. Neutral pale colours like white and beige are the trademark of Scandinavian design that comes to the fore. However, this does not mean that a home pertaining to look Scandinavian should be dressed uniformly in white or grey. In fact, introducing a palette of pastel hues in several layers can be quite relaxing. Let your walls be the canvas upon which you’ll create art with the help of light fixtures and sophisticated posters in charming colours such as spring green or sky blue.

Natural Elements

Scandinavians bring nature even in the inside of their homes. A predominant feature of this style is natural wood which is the preferred choice of flooring. Keeping with the humble minimalistic theme, woods like pine, ash and beech are the favourite floor materials. Staining and varnishing is kept to the minimal in order to maintain the airy light feeling. The wooden floors are softened with warm hide rugs or sheepskins. Nature is further celebrated with the inclusion of a lot of luscious potted plants.