A Simple Guide to the Importance of Dog Doors

Pet doors are a very convenient invention, one that opens a new world of freedom for both you and your furry friends. However, when considering the option of installing an outdoor dog door, first make sure that you have a safe, enclosed yard for your pets, since the safety of your beloved furry family members should always come first. Now, take a minute to go through these very good reasons why you should consider owning a pet door.

  1. Health

It is of utmost importance for pets to have the possibility to go out to urinate every time they feel like it, instead of waiting around. Since pets don’t talk, humans can’t tell if something is wrong with them until it is too late. They can get infections from improper urination activities and it can be too late or too painful before humans can see the problem. Besides the need to urinate, your furry family also has the need to explore the outside world. This simple and fun activity keeps your pets mentally stimulated and alert. Moreover, by owning an outdoor dog door you provide daily exercise for your pets, which ensures that they stay physically fit and firm, and above all, strong and healthy. A little fresh air and sunshine go a long way.

  1. Convenience

After a long and stressful day at work, it is only normal to have a lie-in and relax time for yourself. As much as you need your alone time, your pets need attention, they need to exercise and simply need to go out and in as they please. It is in their nature to wait for you and to expect play-time immediately after you walk through the front door. With a pet door, you will no longer serve as a doorman each time your pets want to go out or come in.

  1. Home Accidents

For pet owners, home accidents are a daily occurrence. From potty related misbehaviour to ruined furniture and much more. By providing your pets with the freedom to easily move and go out as much and as often as they like, you will keep your furniture in a prefect-condition. Your dog won’t be bored and feel trapped, so, consequently, it will not ruin your indoor décor. Moreover, without a dog door, each time your dog wants to get a breath of fresh air it will be forced to tell you that by scratching the door or wall. It is their way of communicating their need to you. Protect your doors and walls, and invest in an outdoor dog door.