A Simple Guide to Travelling with Essential Oils


Once you’ve unlocked the true power of essential oils, you’re unlikely to stop using them. Instead, you’re curious to learn new ways and different application methods for yourself and your children. Since they’ve become your go-to remedy for any health issue, why not hop onto the trend of reaping the benefits of essential oils?

Sure, you could pack a diffuser with you on vacation or load up your suitcase with every type of oil you own, but that’s not exactly convenient. Keeping things simple is key when you’re on the road, which is where travel-sized essential oil products come in handy.

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Use Essential Oils Roller Balls

The best way to use essential oils is aromatherapy, which involves using plants’ natural scents to support your overall well-being. While using a diffuser for essential oils is the most common way of aromatherapy, it can be inconvenient for travelling, especially if you’re going on a family trip and you need to pack more heavily. That’s where compact essential oils roller balls come in as the perfect travel companions to take with you.

As their name suggests, these are roll-on bottles for essential oils that usually come filled with essential oil blends for everyday wellness concerns, from helping your little ones sleep to treating digestive issues.

They’re diluted in a carrier oil, allowing for safe application to the skin, so you can simply apply them to your wrists, temples, chest or abdomen and enjoy the therapeutic benefits. For most people, the safest and easiest way to aromatherapy on the go is by buying already made oil blends from their favourite essential oil brands.

However, you can make your own essential oil rollerballs by choosing an existing oil blend or combining different pure essential oils. Use a 2.5% dilution: 5 drops in a 10ml rollerball, and fill the rest with a carrier oil of your choice.

What makes the essential oils roller balls perfect for travelling? Rollers come in different sizes, all small enough to fit any bag. The balls in the bottles prevent the oils from leaking into your luggage, which is most people’s biggest fear of travelling with oils of any kind, including essential ones. And thanks to their mobile form and simple use, you can instantly benefit from aromatherapy wherever you are.

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Store Your Rollerballs Safely

Whether taking a road trip or a flight makes a huge difference in how you pack your bags and, therefore, your essential oils. In both ways, you must be careful that bottle caps are tightly closed to prevent oil leakage. Also, you want to protect them from the sun, as prolonged exposure can change their composition.

Flying with essential oils requires considering a few more things. If you ask yourself: ‘Can I take essential oils in my checked luggage?’ the answer is you absolutely do. Although every airport has its own rules, there aren’t any general laws regarding this matter. Your only worry should be storing your essential oils so they won’t get broken or damaged in any other way. The best way is to use a soft-sided bag or a wooden box.

Additionally, if you want to take your essential oils on the plane, you must bring them in your carry-on luggage. Transportation Security Administration (TSA) suggests that you can have no more than a quart-sized bag full of liquids on you, limiting them to travel-sized containers that are 100 ml or less per item. Knowing that 15 ml is way below this limit, you can bring as many bottles as one quart-size bag can fit.

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Best Essential Oil Rollerball Blends for Travelling

While the choice of what essential oil products to bring on your trip depends largely on personal preference, there are a few blends that can be useful for just about anyone.

Digestive Essential Oil Rollerball

Trying new foods in new places is the best experience until your tummy disagrees. Whether you’re nauseous or struggling with poor digestion or intestinal spasm, you can help support healthy digestion with an essential oil blend combining lemon, peppermint, sweet fennel, ginger, and oregano essential oils.

The lightly sweet, fresh and invigorating aroma and the combined effect of essential oils will make your belly smile. The best way is to apply it to the abdomen in a clockwise direction and to the lower back. Start massaging at your belly button and work outwards. You can also apply it to your sternum, temples or wrists to help with nausea.

Sleep Essential Oil Rollerball

Many people find it difficult to fall asleep when they switch places. Sometimes, even a five-star hotel king-sized bed doesn’t work for them. If this is you, make sure you take this essential oil blend with you and treat yourself to a full night’s sleep.


This calming blend of essential oils includes rosemary, lavender, mandarin, ylang ylang and chamomile oil, specially formulated to help you relax, unwind and ease into a good night’s sleep.

Immune Booster Essential Oil Rollerball for Kids

If you’re travelling with kids, you know it gets tough when they start to feel run down and in need of a little boost. That’s why this essential blend that combines lemon, frankincense, lavender, lemon myrtle and sandalwood is a must. Suitable for children 2-12, it’s a great one to reach for when your family needs extra care on the trip.

Sniffles Essential Oil Rollerball

While there is something special about travelling, and train stations and airports are romantic settings, the truth is that they’re also full of germs. We can easily catch something from a place where people shuffle in and out all day, every day.

A fresh and clearing blend containing lavender and German chamomile can stop a runny nose or ease a heavy head. Such a mighty decongestant is a saviour during the change of season and environment. Suitable for children aged two years and older, it’s a great option for grown-ups too.