A Simple Guide to Why Skateboard Bags are a Thing



The beauty of skateboarding is that it’s a sport that doesn’t require a designated location. You can basically whip out your skateboard wherever you can find a piece of relatively smooth concrete or asphalt and do your thing. Well, that’s actually not entirely true. There are a lot of places where skateboarding is not allowed and in those situations, you wouldn’t want to drag your skateboard along with you. I mean these boards can be heavy. This is why skateboard bags are a must-have.

Whether you are tearing up the skate park, commuting, going on a skating trip, or you are the type of person that doesn’t leave home without the skateboard, longboard, or penny board, having a good skateboard bag will just make your life easier. It is all about convenience. Skateboard bags are not just meant to carry your skateboard. You can pack all your accessories, spare parts, tools, extra clothes, drinks, snacks, and what not, in a compact bag that rests comfortably on your back. But first, you must find the right bag.

Most skateboard bags are actually pretty much regular bags with some extra features that make them ideal for the needs of skaters. With the rising popularity of skateboarding culture and various types of skateboards, the need for convenient transportation has lead to greater variety of skateboard bags. In order to choose the right bag, there are several factor that you need to consider.

One of the features that separate a skateboard bag from any other regular bag are the straps designed to hold your skateboard. Obviously, the strength of the straps is the most important quality in one of these bags. As I said before, skateboards can be heavy and you need reliable straps to support them and hold them in place. This is especially important if you have a longboard. If you use a penny board, however, you might not need such a bulky strap.

Another thing to consider is the pocket size and this goes for any bag. The capacity of your bag is what determines whether it will suit your needs. Extra compartments are always welcomed and will help you organize your inventory better.

Since skating is a rough sport, you should be aware that you need a durable bag. There is no point in buying a bag that will break or tear the moment you step out of your home. Make sure the material of the bag can handle all kinds of abuse and stress. Just think about the damage grip tape can do.

For the third time: skateboards can be heavy. When you are carrying it around you want to be comfortable which is why you need strong padded shoulder straps that can be adjusted.

And finally consider the style of the bag. Of course, quality should be your priority, but you certainly don’t want a lame looking bag. It is up to your personal preference to choose the style that will make the right statement.