All You Need To Know About Lighting In The Workplace


There is no doubt that the quality of lighting in the workplace can have a great impact on the level of productivity. Adequate illumination makes everything better and more visible, making it easier for workers to produce more products with fewer mistakes and this can lead to a 10-15% increase in productivity. Therefore, good lighting can decrease errors by 30-60% as well as decrease headaches, nausea, back pain and eye-strain. Moreover, it enables workers to concentrate better on their work and not to think about the quality of lighting at all.

The level of light that workers need varies and depends on the nature of the task they perform, the environment in which the task is being performed as well as the sharpness of the worker’s eyesight. Therefore, detailed work tasks such as assembling of small parts, inspection or technical drawing need a great amount of light. On the other hand, tasks such as loading or unloading materials require less light. Proper illumination enables a brighter and cleaner workplace, resulting in a more active, cheerful environment.

Nobody said that good lighting requires much investment; you do not necessarily have to increase the number of light fixtures, light bulbs or the electric bill. Just make sure to make the best use of daylight. You can change the workstation layout or change the position of the light sources. If you are still hesitating whether the lighting in your workplace is proper, buy light meter to ensure everything is by the rules. Light level meters are used for the sole purpose of measuring the level of illumination in interiors and switching off or reducing the output level of luminaries.

Safety and health legislation have always put great emphasis on the strict duty of employees to make sure that all parts of their workplace both internally as well as externally are properly illuminated. Therefore, using light level meters can significantly reduce the energy burden of the building and increase the efficiency of its lighting system. For that purpose, it is highly recommendable to buy light meter which you will use it in lighting systems, especially in spaces where it is not expected for people to pay attention to manually switching off the lights. For instance, stairs, halls, and big hallways are one of the ideal spaces for using light level meters. To buy light meter, you do not necessarily need to spend a lot of money. Browse the Internet and I am sure you can find a light meter for sale that will suit your needs and budget. Provide the proper lighting in the workplace to keep yourself and your workers safe any time of the day.