Bar Stool Buying Guide: Choosing the Right Bar Stool Height

Outdoor bar chairs

Since casual entertaining at home became a real thing back in the 1950’s, bar stools gained huge popularity and now are an inevitable part of every kitchen design, living room bars and even balconies. Quite understandable really – the pleasure of sitting on a high bar stool, faced towards a glass wall and enjoying a glass of wine or a cup of coffee, priceless.

I’m a huge fan of bar stools. I always choose to sit on one when I go in a café and make sure I’m always faced towards the outside. I like being able to sit comfortably, sip my drink and wander with my thoughts while staring at the streets or the beach or whatever is happening outside the café. It’s kind of a therapeutic moment compressed in precious 30 minutes of break during a stressful workday. Or, a wonderful start of Saturdays and Sundays – which is why I recreated that ambiance in my own home. Who said starting the day should be frantic and nervous instead of relaxed and slow? The basis of creating my chillax area was choosing the right bar stools. I wanted to have something I could use for both seasons: summer and winter, so I went with outdoor bar chairs.

These are far more convenient than the really fancy ones made of highly expensive materials which you can’t use for your balcony because they’re not resistant to outdoor influences. Mainly made of metal or wicker, outdoor bar chairs would make a perfect addition to your kitchen countertop or if you have a bar installed in your house. And if you don’t, now would be the perfect time to do it.

Types of stools

Counter height bar stools can be perfect as extra seating on their own, if you ever need it. They go with counter tops of 91centimeters of height, and are mainly smaller than what you’d see in restaurants and bars.

Short/Table height bar stool are shorter than the counter ones, and can perfectly replace your dining table chairs. Since they’re shorter, but still have that amazing bar stool design, you can combine them with a coffee table and create a cozy and intimate coffee & tea corner in your house. Make sure you place them where there’s enough natural light.

Bar height stools are high stools and are perfect for kitchen countertops or bars. My living room has a glass wall facing the balcony, where I get a dose of sun every morning. The kitchen bar is in front of the glass wall and I bought few bar height outdoor bar chairs to go with it. Now I have the perfect spot for my morning coffee – nothing better than a smell of freshly brewed coffee, the sun and the view to wake up my senses.

Besides choosing something of great design and matching colour, the thing to pay most attention to, is the height of the stools; you want something that will fit the table or the bar area.


Measure the height of the countertop or table starting from the floor to the top. Depending on those measurements, choose the type of bar stool appropriate for your space.

Short/Table Height Counter Height Bar Height Extra Tall


Height (cm)

70-76cm 89-99cm 104-109cm 111-120cm
Stool Height 40-58cm 60-68cm 71-83cm 83 – 91cm