Beyond Storage: Unique Uses of Large Outdoor Sheds

Large Shed

Maintaining an outdoor area is rewarding but it’s not easy to keep it both fabulous and practical at the same time. As the items add up, you start browsing for large garden sheds but you hope that you won’t need one as it might ruin your home’s exterior decor. However, nowadays, large modern sheds can look very modern and can store more than just your carefully chosen outdoor furniture.

If you’re wondering are sheds worth it, here are some of their common uses that could quickly make up your mind.

Build an Outdoor Kitchen


If you are a true Aussie, outdoor barbecues and entertaining are in your DNA. Aussie barbecue has its uniqueness as it is less of a style of cooking and more of a celebration of nations as well as individuals. Unquestionably, large garden sheds can accommodate your outdoor kitchen and you accommodate your guests in your outdoor area.

Besides enhancing your entertaining skills, an outdoor kitchen has other benefits. Firstly, it makes cooking easier. Secondly, it expands the living space, especially if it’s close to your indoor kitchen. Thirdly, you can save on utility bills and eating out. Last but not least, investing in large garden sheds can definitely add to the value of your house.

What Does Every Outdoor Kitchen Need?

Clearly, a barbecue, a side burner and an oven are the Holy Trinity when it comes to outdoor cooking. Even though built-in options can get the job done, buying a mobile grill is better as you can take it out whenever you please and put it aside when the time comes. This will not only clear the clutter in your outdoor area but also protect your precious barbecue from the wrath of different seasons.

Your choices about the additional equipment will determine the scale size and budget for your outdoor kitchen. By using the same materials that you have in your indoor kitchen, you’ll connect both spaces to create a flow and an uninterrupted cooking experience. Cabinets or slide-into cavities are great for storage and conveniently taking out tableware. A stainless-steel sink will really save you time as you’ll wash garden vegetables and dishes.

Without a doubt, one of the biggest perks of using your large shed as an outdoor kitchen is having an outdoor refrigerator. They are typically small, without a freezer and not meant to hold a wide array of foods. On the other hand, that all-beverage fridge is one of the best ways to keep your drinks within reach but cool this summer. When it comes to wine, store it on the bottom shelf to keep it chilled, or at the top to keep it at serving temperature. Warm air rises even in fridges.

Also, it’s very important to plan your electricity supply ahead. And, extreme weather conditions occur and cooking inside is the only option, it would be smart to unplug all appliances.

Do I Need Planning for an Outdoor Kitchen?

In general, a permit isn’t needed for an outdoor kitchen’s construction but you might need to bear in mind the rules on placing a structure near the limits of your estate and its height. There may be other restrictions if you live in a conservation area.

Go Green With a Greenhouse

Were you looking for ways to green up your thumb? Or are you an experienced gardener, searching for ways to improve your outdoor area and reap more benefits than just a pretty sight? Besides their extraordinary appeal, turning your large shed into a greenhouse has incredibly practical benefits.

A greenhouse offers an extended growing season as it offers a more controlled climate for growing. This allows you to plant weeks or even months longer than usual and enables a year-round harvest. Additionally, it offers protection from weather conditions and pests. Were you looking to grow plants that aren’t native to your region? Well, now you can. The warmer, more humid environment in a greenhouse and the consistent heat and insulation allows you to plant more warm-season vegetables, even exotic ones.

Moreover, a study has found that composts made from greenhouse wastes contain high nutrient values and good physical properties hence they could be used as high-quality growing media. On‐site composting can also save you money.

What Can You Grow in a Greenhouse All Year Round?

In winter to early spring, you can sow frost-tolerant plants such as spinach, cabbage, lettuce, and broccoli. In mid-spring, the temperatures are just right for plants such as melons, cucumbers and squash. In summer to late summer, you can transplant the plants from the previous season outdoors to make room for mid-summer crops. Bear in mind, an overheated greenhouse invites mould, mildew and dries out the soil so including a vent kit might be a good idea.

Set up a Home Office

shed like home office

New data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics suggests working remotely is not going away anytime soon. 3 out of 10 Australian businesses currently allow staff to work remotely, and the majority expect the trend to continue in the long run. Interestingly, 45% of firms that permit some level of remote working have reported a boost in staff wellbeing while a quarter said that productivity has increased. Clearly, it’s time to make yourself comfy (but not too comfy) at home all over again.

Having a designated workspace will help you keep things separated and into perspective. Let’s face it, working on the kitchen counter or living room has its downfalls. Even if you are not a remote worker, turning your large shed into a home office has its benefits. You’ll have a place where you can finish your work for the week or brainstorm away from the noise and close to the outdoors, allowing you to get the job done faster.

Build the Perfect Home Gym

If you’re a gym fan facing disappointment for the past year and a half, despair no more. If you don’t have an extra room or you don’t want to crowd your living room with gym equipment, a large garden shed is the best solution to your problems. Not only will you have the space but also the privacy to break a sweat whenever you feel like it.