Bicycle Lights Buying Guide

Commuting by bike is cheap, healthy, fast and fun. For most of us, our quality commuting time will be spent in urban areas and the purpose of the ride to get to work on time, except maybe if we stop on the way home, locked the bike outside the pub for a sneaky beer or two. Every time you will be coming home late in the night, LED bicycle lights are going to be the perfect tool for the job and this is the right guide to finding the best front lights for your bicycle, so let’s get started:

In addition to their simple mounting, LED bicycle lights offer great visibility, especially when you are in a T-junction or on a side roundabout. These are the kind of lights you can rely on completely when it comes to being visible to other road users. You can easily order LED bicycle lights online and you will also love the fact that they come with the option to be USB charged.

bike front lights

The unit used to measure the power of these lights is lumen. If you are using bicycle lights with the power of 100 lumens, they may be good for cruising around town but you will quickly find their limitations. If you actually need to illuminate your path and see where you are going my recommendation is to opt for 400 lumens minimum. They are much brighter and therefore hard to miss. Just remember that if the light is brighter than 400 lumens, it may be uncomfortable for the pother participants in urban areas and you will need to adjust it accordingly.

If you plan to have a long distance trip outside town that includes riding along dark countryside, you will need to get more than 400 lumens. You will be able to see further ahead of you, giving you more time to react to what is coming down the road. This is particularly relevant when you are going at a faster speed. Also remember that adding an extra light, does not mean adding much weigh to your bike. It will only cost you 20 grams more to carry around, but you will be able to enjoy a brighter and safer trip. However, you must mind your manners and make sure that you don’t point the lights directly towards other road participants. This is especially important rule to follow on narrow paths.