Boosting Your Y62 Patrol’s Performance with an Outback Exhaust

White Nissan Y62 Patrol driven in nature

Nissan’s Y62 Patrol isn’t just the biggest, roomiest, and most powerful of the truly off-road-capable wagons on the Australian market; it’s also the most eager when it comes to cost-conscious performance upgrades. Not that their 5.6L V8s are actually lacking anything, but a lot of Y62 owners are surprised by how easy it is to add 20kW to an already impressive 298kW output without actually touching the engine.

A low-restriction outback exhaust system is one of the most effective and affordable performance upgrades you can make to any ute or 4WD, but they’re especially advantageous for V8-equipped wagons like the hugely capable Y62. These big motored 7-seaters have to be just as efficient at getting rid of spent exhaust gasses as they are at drawing in large amounts of air and fuel; and a well-tuned, bolt-on aftermarket exhaust is the simplest way for them to breathe better, as well as put more power on the bitumen.

Outback Exhausts Give Your Y62 Patrol Potent Performance

White Nissan Patrol Y62 parked

Although exhaust tuning is one of Australia’s most popular ways to increase output, 3.0″ Outback Y62 exhaust systems are more than just a collection of large-diameter pipes. They’re complete cat-back systems that are engineered specifically to match the power and torque output of the Y62’s VK56 aluminium powerplant; and starting with 2mm thick, 409 stainless steel tubing, they consist of:

  • A 2.5″ single-in/3.0″ dual-out Y-pipe section with a braided flex joint;
  • A 3.0” low restriction centre muffler assembly; and,
  • A 3.0” low restriction rear muffler/tailpipe assembly.

With their full TIG welded flange plates and brackets, premium outback systems are built to bolt directly to the Y62’s cats, are suspended from the OE factory hangars, and don’t require any cutting, welding, or fabricating. These attributes alone make them one of the most convenient high-performance upgrades of any type that you can buy, and the benefits that you can instantly expect are going to include:

  • Improved acceleration when taking off, or when merging into moving traffic;
  • Better throttle response for passing or pulling heavy loads; and,
  • Increased low-end torque for climbing hills, or going off-road.

Make no mistake: when you need the added power to pull a heavy caravan on the open highway, the Y62’s outback exhaust system performance is impressive; and it’s the technology that goes into these systems that makes them so formidable. They’re designed with Oz’s tough, power-robbing climate in mind, which means they’re big on the fundamentals that can transform even the plainest exhaust system into a potent performer.

3.0″ Systems are Built on the Best Principles of Exhaust Design

When it comes to thermal efficiency, exhaust engineers are fully aware that Australia’s hot, thin atmospheric air has just as much of an effect on exhaust behaviour as it does on combustion. They know that improving exhaust flow not only makes it easier for engines to overcome the natural difficulties of less-than-perfect breathing conditions, it can even lead to better fuel consumption while increasing output.

3.0” Y62 outback exhausts are built on the basics of optimal exhaust engineering, and are designed to be the most effective at:

  • Actively collecting and drawing as much heat and hot exhaust gas away from the engine as possible;
  • Encouraging greater gas velocity throughout the entire length of the exhaust system; and,
  • Doing away with gating factors that can adversely affect exhaust gas movement.

Together with the VK56’s already outstanding performance characteristics, outback exhausts offer the best high flow / low restriction combination that you can ask for from an Australian Design Rule (ADR) compliant Y62 system. It takes uncompromising construction to fully maximize the potential that a 3.0″ system has though, which is why you only have to look at the tubing itself to see where these outback exhausts hold the advantage.

You Can’t Beat the Advantages That Mandrel Bending Have to Offer

Tubing formed using internally supported, mandrel bending equipment is the key component in outback exhaust construction. In fact, an outback-equipped Y62’s vast improvement in exhaust gas flow is due almost exclusively to this fabricating and shaping process whose benefits over crush bending include:

  • A reduction in the tendency of exhaust gases to swirl or rotate inside the tube due to variations in internal diameters;
  • A significant decrease in the backpressure and turbulence that would be created by the wrinkling inside a crushed bent tube; and,
  • A dramatic increase in exhaust scavenging as the path from higher to lower pressure is smoother.

With their innovative construction, outback exhausts are better at evacuating spent exhaust gases than any other type of aftermarket exhaust system. Coatings and materials are also integral to how well these systems perform though, and this is where the advantages of thermally coated 409 stainless gives these smart Y62 exhausts the decisive lead over other aftermarket offerings.

High-Quality Materials and Coatings Make Outback Exhausts the Best Y62 Alternative

Exhaust of Nissan Patrol Y62

While most aftermarket exhaust systems are quick to point out that they’re made from lightweight, high-polished 304 or 316 stainless, it’s almost a moot point when you’re talking about a 3500kg Y62. These full-sized Patrols need exhaust tubing that’s durable and long-lasting, and the high chromium content of black-anodized 409-grade stainless steel fits the bill perfectly.

With its 60% higher heat transfer capacity, 409 grade is the ideal exhaust material for climates where heat retention is a serious problem, and boasts a range of benefits that include:

  • Heat resistance to 675°C, with short-term resistance up to 815°C;
  • Increased resistance to material fatigue or failure resulting from heat cycling; and,
  • Greater formability, making it easier to repair than either 304 or 316 stainless.

Heat-resistant thermal coatings round out the list of superior properties that outback exhausts made from 409 stainless have to offer. These special coatings are formulated to lock heat inside the exhaust system, which means:

  • A dramatic reduction in heat levels that can play havoc with engine bay temperatures;
  • Increased heat retention for added exhaust scavenging and evacuation; and,
  • Improved corrosion and oxidation protection from exposure to exhaust gases and extreme temperatures.

Thermal coatings not only make outback systems more efficient but also more durable. Y62s are built to go anywhere, and these are the qualities that you want your wagon’s exhaust to have.

The Final Word

At the end of the day, it takes a special powerplant to shovel a 3500kg Y62 Patrol uphill with a caravan in tow, but Nissan’s 5.6L VK56 is more than up to the job. It wouldn’t hurt to have a few extra kW on hand for the toughest jobs though, which is why now might be a good time to consider an aftermarket exhaust system.

A 3.0″ Outback Y62 exhaust system is all you need to give your Y62 a proper power boost, without turning a screw on your engine. With the power it’s capable of unleashing, it’s an upgrade that you won’t regret making.