Childrens Play Equipment: An Investment Your Child Will Enjoy for Many Years


It would be nice to have a small amusement park in your backyard so that your children are occupied the entire day playing, laughing and screaming of joy. It would also be nice to have a nanny employed for keeping them safe while they play and give them food, while you do all the chores in the house, do your hair and nails, and even have a relaxing massage. Ah, the dreams of every full-time mother on the planet.


While it’s hardly possible to have an amusement park in your background, it’s very easily achievable to have a small playground that can still keep your kids busy for a while, and give you enough time to at least get the house in order. You don’t really need a lot of stuff, kids can be busy and happy and entirely turn off the world around them with just some play swings. But hey, if you want to get more elements (great for you if you can and have the conditions for a larger playground) please finish that project. Your kids will be endlessly happy. So, before you rush into buying random childrens play equipment, consider these few guidelines.

Shop Smart

Shopping for childrens play equipment shouldn’t be the type of experience that takes you only a few hours; instead, you should do some research of the market, see what it’s offered, explore various brands and price options and then choose what’s most likely your children will adore. Here’s how to do some smart shopping.

  • Think for the future – if your kids are toddlers, the childrens play equipment you get should be good enough for usage for more years to come. Don’t be fooled to think that your kids will get over the playground euphoria soon, on the contrary, they will not get enough of it. Moreover, be happy if they want to play outside, considering the modern Internet era.
  • Go classic – the classic combination of childrens play equipment consists of swings, gliders and sliders. Modern elements include rock-climbing walls, which aren’t exactly the safest thing.
  • Keep it simple – children like and are happy with simple toys.
  • Make sure the wood is good – If you go for wooden elements, make sure they’re made of cedar or pine wood. These don’t have any chemicals added to them, so they’re safe for children. Also they’re more durable and resistant to rotting and decay which can happen over time.

Safety Matters

Take some precautions: cover the ground. If by any case, your kids fall of the swing for example, they risk serious injuries. Use bark or playground sand or even pea gravel for creating a cushion effect around any of the play elements. Entrapment hazards including nets your kids can get stuck in, are the type of problems you don’t want in your life. Just get rid of anything of the kind. Finally, inspect the place before your kids start playing for anything like sharp edges, or other dangers.

Take Good Care of the Play Equipment

It should last for a long time right? So, every year or two, take care of the wood by applying a coat of sealant for protection right after you power wash it. Wood changes over time, or to be exact, it contracts and expands. That’s why bolts should be tighten up just before the start of every season, so that potential dangers are avoided.