Coffee Tables: Interior Design Guidelines to Make them Stand Out

Coffee tables have a prominent place in the living room, so both their look and functionality matter a lot. The secret lies in finding the perfect balance between making the table look attractive and stylish without disrupting the flow of the rest of the room. It all needs to fall into place and create one complete image. Here are a few pointers that can get you inspired.

Balance and Symmetry

When you are looking for the ideal designer table for sale, make sure that you go for a style that offers you the option to create visual symmetry. This can work like a charm if you place a central object in the middle that seemingly divides the table in two, and then balance this out with smaller displays on both sides of it. Make sure that these are of equal visual weight. Don’t try to make them identical in style, but rather try to make them similar in terms of size and tone.

Create a Wholesome Composition

This is the part that most people find tricky to master. What you need to do in order to create a look that works together as a whole is to distance yourself from the display and try to arrange it so that the details are connected either through colour, shape, theme or style. Each item should fit together with the rest of those around it. A designer table for sale that can be a great canvas for this type of interior design is a round, simple modern table that can easily match the rest of the living room. And remember, this can take some time, so go ahead – play around with different items until you create a composition that feels right for you.

Less is More

There are instances when it gets hard to give up an item or two when you have so many stylish options. However true this may be, it is still not the right way to go about this process. As stated above, you shouldn’t disrupt the functionality of the coffee table by overcrowding it with accessories and books. Granted, if you use it just for show, you can fill the space with more items, but when you want to place down a drink or two you need to make sure there is enough space to do it.

Include a Statement Piece

One standout piece that has some kind of unusual shape, size or design can spark a conversation and grab the attention of everyone in the room. It can be brighter than the rest of the items too. This statement piece can make your stylish designer table the focal point in your room. If you are not sure what kind of piece can make this work – go with flowers. You can rarely go wrong with a floral arrangement. Regardless of the size, flowers can bring a sense of freshness and life to the design, and to the entire room as well. Lastly, don’t be afraid to try out a colour that you wouldn’t usually go for. Not all flowers are long-lasting – giving you the space to experiment with types and tones until you find the perfect one.