Comfortable and Enjoyable Caravanning: A Simple Guide to Finding the Ideal Awning


Having your home on wheels gives you the solution when you need to escape the hustle and bustle of city life but still get an adequate dose of comfort to back you up on your adventures. Privacy is one of those bits of comfort one simply can’t do without at the campsite, no matter how empty it may be. 

Sure, the caravan provides that privacy indoors, but there are times when you need your peace and quiet outside as well, simply because there are those days when you want to make the most of the surroundings by enjoying that tasty morning coffee in the sun for the ideal start of the day. Which calls for the help of perfectly-sized awning privacy screens that can enhance your caravanning experience. 

As there are simply too many options on the market nowadays when it comes to these crucial accessories that can truly contribute to your adventures, here’s a simple guide on how to narrow down the best choices for you. Starting with basic considerations like:

The Types of Awnings


Catering to different privacy needs, style preferences, and budgets, you can choose from:


Among the most popular options of awning privacy screens for their simple and user-friendly set-up, the roll-out mechanism, which allows you to seamlessly have control over how and where you want the shade,


For those in want of utmost privacy whether for their alfresco kitchen and dining area, or entertaining and resting area, the full-sized awning that can encompass the full length of the caravan is the go-to choice. 


Although still offering plenty of coverage, these aren’t as long as the full-sized counterpart, and you have to attach them with the awning roof. Available in a range of sizes, they come in different designs too, from the simple covers to the more top-notch inflatable ones that are exceptionally lightweight and easy to install. 


If you only need that smaller amount of space protected from the harsh UV rays or light rain for your enjoyable and refreshing naps on the comfy recliner set by the caravan, then sun canopy caravan privacy screens would do just fine. Smaller and more lightweight, they’re great for those short weekend trips in the great outdoors. 

The Materials

What material is used for caravan awnings? It’s not just the one, and the choice comes down to what it is you require the cover for in the first place. If it’s for the warmer days when you don’t expect rain to surprise you, then a shade cloth made with UV protection, like woven, breathable and lightweight acrylic, would do perfectly well. 

Harsher weather conditions call for something more heavy-duty, like vinyl, for its waterproofing properties. As such, vinyl is the one that offers the most durability and resistance to wear and tear of the two options, so think of this when you want to invest in something that can stand the test of time if you’re a more adventurous RVer. 

In terms of features that are a nice giveaway of durability and strength, the advice is to pay attention to elements such as metal components made from outstanding materials like aluminium and stainless steel, reinforced stitching and great zippers. Of course, a little care goes a long way even when your screen is stored and not in use, but the aforementioned details are good indicators of quality.

The Ease of Installation


How much time you’re willing to invest in the set-up is something worth considering when going on the quest for the perfect awning. Some prefer the simplicity roll-out screens offer, while there are those who would much rather go for something that makes for a quick installation, like the inflatable design. So, it’s all about what you’re comfortable dealing with on a daily or almost daily basis when you’re away from home.

The Features

The more advanced the features, the more expensive the screen would be. Still, it’s crucial to remember that some levels of convenience are worth the investment in the end, more so if you do get to use the screen quite often. For example, a full-sized awning with ventilation elements and windows in the right places can more than boost your camping experience, no matter the weather or the busyness of the campsite. A design with a groundsheet may not be a necessity, but it sure comes in handy when you’re trying to keep your outdoor space as clean as possible, especially when there’s food around. 

If you’d like to have more say in the customisation, a design that’s got privacy features like detachable panels and curtains or is compatible with accessories such as organisers for hanging things like tools would be more than helpful along the way. It’s up to you to consider what mostly adds to your comfort and take it from there!