Cricket Thigh Pads Buying Guide: A Must-Have for Beginners and Professionals

cricket thigh pads

A thigh pad is an essential cricket protective gear piece as it can keep the batsman safe from painful bruising caused by errant balls. When running between the stumps, an ill-fitting thigh pad can be unpleasant and potentially hinder movement.

It is therefore critical that any cricketer who chooses to wear a thigh pad wears one that fits properly and provides adequate protection. As these pads have grown more prominent in the modern game, manufacturers have developed lightweight, durable, and comfortable thigh protection. Still, not all are created equal!

Best Cricket Thigh Pads

Masuri E Line Thigh Combo

Masuri E Line Thigh Combo

Following extensive testing of numerous thigh pads, nothing beats the Masuri E Line. These lightweight and comfortable cricket thigh pads are everything a good cricket player needs as they provide excellent protection against the cricket ball.

The form and range of motion are the standout features of these thigh pads. The outer and inner pads are both pre-moulded into a curve for a perfect fit around both legs. The hip protector has distinct splits and moves with the batsman as a shot is hit, allowing you to run faster and easier.

This comes as no surprise as Masuri thigh pad is made of Ultra Pro Foams’ strongest and slimmest composition. If you’re unfamiliar with their products, Masuri Pro Foams are a blend of graded foams that work together to deliver excellent contact absorption.

On the other hand, the slimline silhouette results in an extremely lightweight product – over 150 grammes lighter than the most expensive GM product. Because of its lightweight properties, this thigh pads combo also enables quicker movement between the stumps.

A replaceable inner pad is also included, allowing you to customise the thigh combo to your preferences. The straps are sturdy and ensure that the pads remain securely in place. There is also no towelling on the goods, so sweat may be simply wiped away.

Aero P2 Strippers

Another great and affordable cricket thigh pads option to consider is the Aero P2 Strippers. Any recreational cricketer looking for a thigh pad that is both comfortable and provides a good level of protection should get this one!

Aero was among the first brands to introduce an outer and inner thigh pad design to the market, and the P2 pants follow suit. The P2 strippers are built to resist balls up to 80mph-therefore if you are a top-level cricketer, you should opt for the P1 strippers.

Moreover, P2 Strippers are very comfortable as their outer thigh pad conforms to the leg, allowing for a wide range of motion, whereas the thick straps keep the pads firmly in place, allowing you to focus on your next shot rather than adjusting your thigh pad. Plus, the material used to make the P2 strippers, like all Aero goods, is of the finest quality, resulting in lightweight pads.

But, that’s not all – the pads may be removed from the straps and pouches that keep them in place. This means that sweat-covered straps and pouches are easy to maintain and may even be cleaned in the washing machine.

The P2 Strippers’ only flaw is that the inside thigh pad is not removable. Therefore, if you want to remove the inner pad, this isn’t the product for you. However, we don’t see why a cricketer would need to do this. Overall, these thigh pads are ideal for intermediate-level cricketers.

Gray Nicous Test Cricket Thigh Pad

Gray Nicous Test Cricket Thigh Pad

Gray-Nicolls’ Test Thigh Pad is a wonderful cost-effective solution if you’re looking for an affordable thigh guard that provides adequate protection.

Available in both adult and junior sizes, these thigh pads feature a fully adjustable waist strap which allows you to customise the fit, making it tighter or looser based on personal choice. The cover of the pad is coated in premium PU, ensuring durability even after numerous impacts from cricket balls.

Besides its three-level protection which gives the impression that this thigh pad will continue to deliver high-quality performance game after game, if you play at a high level you should select a more quality thigh pad. However, if you are new to the sport and don’t want to spend too much money, this is the right alternative for you!

Gunn & Moore Original Thigh Pad

In some cases, a thigh pad coupled with an inner pad can be overkill! In such situations, all that is needed to guard against clever bowlers is an outside thigh pad. The Gunn & Moore Original Thigh Pad comes in handy here. Being sold for an affordable price, this thigh pad returns to simplicity and is an excellent choice for those on a tight budget.

The pad’s dual-layered high-density foam absorbs any impact incredibly well. The pad is excellently moulded to shape the thigh, ensuring minimal impediments when rushing for a quick single. High-quality soft elastic straps and Velcro keep the Gunn & Moore Original Thigh Pad in place. Once fixed, the pad does not move when running between the stumps, so you will enjoy how easily the thigh pad can be removed if you no longer want to use it.

However, the Gunn & Moore Original Thigh Pad may not be suitable for those who want a higher level of protection. On the other hand, if you look for something affordable that provides excellent protection in lower-level games, this is the right option to keep in mind.