Cubby House Decor Guide

Cubby House

Come what may, cubby houses will always remain a great way to make a child beam with joy and engage in fun, creative, naturally mind-developing fantasies of pretend play. Pretend play builds social, emotional, thinking and language skills. And what a better way to magically become a princess, police officer, superhero, top chef, etc. than in a playhouse. So get cubby house for your Cinderella or karate instructor.

In order to make it a more appealing activity for your kid, it is not enough to only get cubby house, but you also need to make it a place where your child will want to come back time after time. Everything is possible with a cubby house! Read on to find out which three concepts to incorporate in your detailed planning about how to arrange the cubby house in the best possible way.


For this purpose you really need to get into your little one’s mind. It can be very very easy to find out what they really want; their favorite cartoon character must be what he/she brags about all the time, so why not make a cubby house that is a residence of the lovely Show White and the seven dwarfs, if that’s what your daughter dreams about. Boys are most likely to go for super heroes such as Batman or Spider-man, and again, this is a fun and easy way to make your child instantly happy and motivated. You can buy pillows curtains and rugs that have the characters on them, all of these things are very much available online or in stores.


We are all aware of kids’ obsession with colours, so why not use as much as you can from their favorite picks to make their cubby house look more chic? Just make sure that you choose vibrant colours that will enliven the space. You can also put posters on the walls, or maybe family pictures in fun frames that you can make together with your child and his/her friends.


Remember that kids need their space, they like to be able to run around, therefore, do not make a common mistake and fill the cubby house with too many items. Rugs, pillows a small table with a few chairs will do, and don’t forget the toys too – have a special container for them to be stored. You can accessorize the cubby house from the outside by putting a new lanterns here and there, or maybe some light plastic plant pots with beautiful flowers. You can inspire your child to take care of the plants and water them daily during the summer.

Once they get cubby house, parents never fail to realize that the investment was right. In a technology dominated world, it sure feels great to be able to remind our kids that there is a world out there worth exploring, instead of just scrolling.