Custom Curtains Are the Just-Right Decor Accessory to Jazz Up Any Room

Curtains have the ability to enhance your home décor by creating an appealing focal point. Whether you prefer a bold or a more subtle style, they are the perfect accessory to help put together the room’s overall design. One of the best ways to incorporate curtains into a room’s design while making sure they are the perfect fit for your space, is to have them custom-made. These decorative elements come with a variety of undeniable benefits that make them totally worth the investment. Read on to discover the wonders that custom curtains can do for your home.

Create Quick & Easy Design Focal Point

Using curtains behind your bed or headboard to either cover a window or for decorative reasons, is a great way to draw more attention to the bed. For the ultimate stylish impact, include colourful, textured or patterned custom curtains. This will certainly help jazz up the ambiance in the room.

Make Your Space Look Bigger

Installing the curtain rod beyond the window leaves an impression that the window is larger and the ceiling is taller than it really is. If there are two or more windows on a single wall, it would be a great idea to have a custom curtain made to cover all of the windows together. This is a great decorative tip as hanging separate curtains on all windows may cause the room to look smaller.

They Can Cover Up Anything That Looks Messy

If you have an open shelf or a visible storage of any kind, you know how keeping it organized can be a real struggle. Custom curtains are an effective way to hide all the mess.

They Make Great Room Dividers

Curtains are versatile elements that you can use to divide a room and completely change its look and ambiance. They can also be used to create casual areas or to provide privacy within the space when necessary.

Colour Tips

In the past, it was a huge trend that the curtain fabric is in the same colour as the wall paint. Luckily, this trend has changed and today things are quite the opposite – you should actually avoid having all your interior design elements in the same colour so that you do not create a monotonous atmosphere. For the ultimate trendy effect, choose a hue that is either a tone or two darker or lighter than the colour of your walls. Moreover, if you want to create a more versatile look, choose patterned curtains to spice up the look of the space.