Everything You Need to Know About the Different Types of Commercial Tree Services

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Trees are nature’s gift to us, and they are essential to our planet. They provide us with the bare necessities for our survival, like oxygen and food, lower the temperatures with their pleasant shadows and have been proven to have positive effects on people’s mental health as well. So, it isn’t a surprise that homeownersand companies use trees to make their yards more visually appealing.

Trees need regular care both for their sake and for the sake of people’s safety. However, in urban areas trees need to be assessed professionally on regular basis, for numerous reasons. When companies or institutions need commercial tree services, such as commercial tree trimming, power line clearing, tree health management, diagnosis, tree removal, a tree assessment, some type of report, etc., they employ professional tree care specialists

Trimming and Pruning  

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There are many benefits of regularly trimming trees in urban areas. One of them is that it guarantees safety. Public safety can be endangered by trees in many ways. Branches or entire trees can fall because of storms and strong winds, for instance, if the roots are shallow, or the root system has been damaged by disease or construction, dead branches can fall at any time. This can cause serious injuries and it can damage property. Untrimmed trees near electrical structures and wires are also dangerous for public safety. 

Branches can fall on the power lines, causing electrical fires, or causing cables to fall. Even a whole tree that hasn’t been properly pruned can fall on the power lines. This is why the best course of action is to hire a professional tree care company for efficient commercial tree trimming. Tree care companies have professionally trained specialists, as well as the necessary equipment to safely remove branches from tall trees, clear power lines, etc.

Moreover, pruning and trimming a tree can influence the way in which the tree grows. This can protect the tree’s structural integrity, as well as ensure proper weight distribution, which can decrease the risk of falling branches and broken limbs, or even protect the tree itself from falling in the future. This is also important in terms of aesthetics. Proper pruning and regular trimming can make the tree grow in a certain way, as well as have a certain shape, if necessary or desired. 

Planting or Removing Trees 

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Arborists, also referred to as tree surgeons, can also assess the soil and determine which tree species can safely grow in the area, as well as whether it will thrive in the climate and the surrounding conditions. Furthermore, there are many situations in which trees need to be removed. The tree can have a serious disease, it can pose a risk for public safety, or it may have to be removed for construction or a number of other reasons. In this case, a tree surgeon is hired for commercial tree removal. 

Tree Diagnosis and Treatment 

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Another reason to hire professionals to take care of trees in urban areas is tree health management. There is a huge number of conditions, diseases, pests, termites, etc., that can be harmful to a tree, and this, in turn, can also become a public safety issue. And while some of these threats may be easily noticeable, others can only be detected by arborists. Commercial tree care and regular check-ups are crucial for diagnosing health issues, which can save the tree’s life, and protect the public. In case a health issue is detected, the specialist will offer a disease or insect control plan or prepare a treatment, as well as carry out the treatment and perform follow-ups. 

Arborist Assessments and Reports 

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One of the most important commercial tree services is preparing reports and assessments. There are several different types of reports that might be necessary for different situations, including arboricultural impact assessment reports, compliance reports, risk assessments, school risk assessments, soil analyses, etc. Tree inspections, reports, and risk assessments are necessary, and in some cases, they may even be legally required. 

For instance, if you are carrying out a construction project, a tree care company may have to assess the trees on-site and prepare a report before the construction starts. This assessment will determine whether there is a possibility for the construction to impact the tree. Trees can suffer serious damages during construction. The root system can be affected by the construction activities because of the heavy equipment and the vibrations. If one or more trees have to be removed, this will also be done by the professional tree care company. The arborist may also determine if a tree is diseased or damaged in any way irreversibly, and needs to be removed from the site. Finally, if necessary, the arborist will propose the best course of action, by preparing a management plan to protect both the tree and the construction project and minimise the risks.