A Simple Guide to Forklift Accessories

Forklift Accessories

Forklifts are probably the most important and commonly used piece of equipment in warehouse settings. A regularly serviced and well-maintained forklift can last for a few decades, which makes them one of the most worthwhile investments in the business. As is the case with many other pieces of equipment, accessories can make the forklift an extremely versatile lift truck. So if you have a fleet of forklifts in your workplace, equipping one or two with some accessories, can make them specialised lifting trucks that can handle tasks that a normal forklift otherwise couldn’t.

One of the most commonly used forklift accessories are the forklift booms. Forklift booms come in a variety of capabilities, styles and sizes. This accessory is ideal for working in tight spaces. Some are telescoping while others are fixed length. If you need more reach, you should opt for a lift master boom. Both telescoping and fixed models are available and come in different heights. They also differ in lift capacity, but you should be careful when using it, as the boom affects the centre of gravity of your forklift.

Another popular forklift accessory are the work platforms. There’s no excuse for using the fork tines on their own to lift personnel, especially when there are inexpensive forklift accessories like the work platforms. There are three basic types of platforms: fold-down (ideal in tight spaces), freestanding platform and stockpicker work platform. This accessory not only provides versatility, but also improves the safety of your employees. Consider getting a safety harness to improve the safety of your employees furthermore.

Furthermore, you should consider getting hoppers, to make moving loose materials and small objects more convenient. Hoppers range in size from self-dumping, large capacity models to low profile models that feature wheels and handles. Speaking of models, there are some that can dump sideways, open-ended models, fabric hoppers and a wide variety of self-dumping models.

And lastly, if your warehouse stores drums and carpets, there are accessories made specifically to make lifting them more convenient. Drum attachments are ideal for lifting drums without having to leave the seat of the forklift. Additionally, rams and carpet poles make lifting carpets and rugs easy as well. Simply put, there are forklift accessories for almost any purpose there, which are designed to make lifting with a forklift more efficient and convenient. All you need to do is look them up online, and you’ll find a wide array of accessories, most of which are extremely affordable, yet very functional.