From Bland to Beautiful: Simple Ways to Elevate the Look of Your Garden

a garden

Our backyards should provide us with a safe, tranquil spot to enjoy the fresh air and unwind after a long and hard day. However, if you’re tired of your old garden look because it has lost its charm throughout the years, but redesigning it from the ground up isn’t an option, there are some minor changes you can do to elevate its look.

Use Climbing Plants for Texture

pink climber plants

Everything in the garden starts and ends with flowers and greenery. It’s the perfect space for displaying their beauty and grandeur. One of the best ways to turn your outdoor space into a botanical haven is with fresh and charming climber plants as in addition to being decorative, they can add textural green, soften edges, and conceal bland walls.

The best part about these plants is their versatility – they can be installed everywhere. They can either be allowed to spread freely or ‘taught’ to produce a shape or structure. These adaptable pieces may up the design ante, making them ideal for small gardens and balconies. Furthermore, floral and fruit-bearing climbers can be cultivated in the kitchen garden.

The climber plants are also great in concealing, uneven walls, and other unsightly areas. As a result, they look great on exterior facades and garden walls, and are a beautiful addition to any home. Some climbers do not require the assistance of a trellis or wire to ascend, while others must. For instance, a row of blue-painted trellises in the garden will resemble a painting frame in a gallery.

Framed trellises with wired braces can be custom-made and installed on walls and fences to help vines and creepers flourish. Furthermore, a garden shed, or outhouse’s stark lines and mundane materials can often add a little of harshness to the surrounding soft, green scenery. A climbing plant can come in handy in such situations.

For instance, an ivy-covered lattices will dilute the lines and provide a dreamlike exterior to a garden shed-turned-studio. Not all patios provide enticing outdoor views. In such instances, high parapets or screens can be an excellent option. High walls hidden by climbers will not only make the outdoor space feel private and pleasant, but also give the impression of a garden in apartments and small houses.

Create a Seating Area

Nothing beats relaxing in the garden after a long day or a full week at work. Being outside has been shown to improve mental health and make you feel more relaxed. Gardens are also an excellent social venue for spending time with friends and family outside, so establishing a seating area is a fantastic idea.

Functionality does not have to imply dullness. Seating designed for comfort can also bring character and colour to any yard. So, a set of blue chairs will give you a great view and make your backyard a cosier place. Moreover, their blue colour that contrasts the green setting will maximise the effect.

On the other hand, there is a reason why wrought iron lawn furniture is so popular, and it has nothing to do with comfort. Wrought iron works well in cottage-style gardens. The material is rustic and rusted most of the time.

It fits in with the surroundings and does not appear to be damaged by a muddy boot or a sudden shower. When narrowing down your choices, don’t be afraid to experiment with colours and materials and consider many possibilities before making the final choice as seating isn’t something you can change occasionally.

Add a Pop of Colour

Painting your garden shed or fence is a simple and easy way to add impact and colour to your garden. Different fence paint colours can make the difference between a tiny and large garden! It all comes down to perspective. Using softer colours like beige, pink, and baby blue creates the idea that your garden is much larger than it is.

Darker colours might have the reverse effect, making your yard appear more compact due to the noticeable difference in colour from the grass. Moreover, the shelves are no longer filled with only brown, light brown, or a different hue of brown. Anything from iris blue to vivid pink is available, making it an excellent choice for charming yards.

Install Statement Lighting

a garden with installed lighting

Lighting is a quick and simple way to instantly improve the appearance of your yard. It not only looks great at night, but it can also be used as a decorative element during the day. Adding wicker and glass lanterns, huge candles, hurricane lamps, and fairy and festoon lights to your seating area or just wrapping them around the tree may instantly transform your landscape. There is a plethora of solar-panelled lighting available online these days, so you don’t have to worry about your electric bill, when picking solar or battery-powered lighting solutions.

The Devil Is in the Details

You don’t have to make drastic changes to your outside environment to achieve spectacular results. Adding accessories is a fantastic, inexpensive, and simple way to introduce new hues or channel trends. When it comes to updating yard décor and creating a new look, accessories may make all the difference. Accents and touches can be used to make a space more appealing and to experiment with different appearances or seasonal trends.

Cushions, blankets, and throws, outdoor rugs, candles and lanterns, pots and containers, and beautiful ornaments are all great options. Mirrors, on the other hand, can help bounce the light around if you have a particularly shady or dark spot in your garden and can make the space appear bigger.