Guide on How to Buy a Calculator


Whether you are still in school or are employed and work in your field, at a certain point in your life, you needed to buy a calculator. Calculators have been present on the market since 1642, when Blaise Pascal invented the first one. Ever since, the calculator has undergone many alterations, being perfected as technology moved forward. Today, you can buy calculator that is customized to satisfy your personal calculation needs and preferences.

When you decide to buy calculator, you should have a clear idea of what you need from it, and how much you are ready to pay for it.

Generally, there are two categories of calculators divided by function. Four-function calculator is the basic model and as the name implies, it features only four functions: adding, dividing, multiplying and subtracting. These calculators are suitable for elementary school and children that come in contact with math operations for the first time. They are not very expensive, of course having in mind the brand. Mainly they are battery operated or solar powered. They have large buttons and a large clear display.

The other category are the graphic calculators. These are more advanced and you can perform more complex operation with them. If you are in high school or at any higher level of education, graphic calculators will definitely come in handy for your calculation needs. They are mainly used for solving complex equations and functions.

By type, you can buy calculator that is scientific, financial or printable. Scientific calculators are best for usage in complex industries like engineering, as they have generous memory capacity and are programmable. Using them in schools should be recommended by teachers. Financial calculators offer great help in solving problems in banking and accountancy. They solve equations that include dollars and cents, and moreover, can perform operations like present value and future value. Printable calculators feature a roll of paper attached to them so they print every keystroke on the calculator, allowing you to have written data of your calculations.

If you decide to buy calculator by brand, you can choose from a large variety. Texas Instrument, Casio and HP offer some of the best calculators on the market. But whether you will go with a renowned brand or less known manufacturer, of course, has a lot to do with your budget. If you do not want nor can afford anything too expensive, there is a wide offer online of second-hand calculators to choose from.