Guide to Essential Oils and Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy has become such a popular trend nowadays. And for a reason – many studies have confirmed that the essential oils used for aromatherapy treatments promote relaxation and play a significant role when dealing with stress and anxiety. People claim that they have also experienced powerful results treating different mental or physical issues such as insomnia, minor depression symptoms, infections, lack of sleep, problems with high blood pressure, burns, wounds and many others. Because of the many other incredible benefits, more and more online sites offer a vast range of aromatherapy essential oils and aromatherapy online baskets; these contain sets of 100 % natural essential oils and essential oil blends to diffusers and candles with pleasurable scents.

A little bit of history related to aromatherapy

As it was previously mentioned the use of essential oils is not of the present days, they have been applied for thousands of years. They were mainly used to support overall health but also have been a significant part of the healing spectrum among ancient people. They applied them mainly to heal wounds, scratches and bruises but there were also many cultures around the world that used these oils for religious purposes as well. Evidence shows that ancient Egyptians were the first who introduced aromatic oils to the world carefully mixing ingredients which they used as a perfume, medicine or incense.

Today, pure essential oils used for aromatherapy treatments are extracted from organic flowers, seeds, roots, leaves and fruit that adds uniqueness to their fragrances. Within the years, essential oils have improved a lot and as a result, many aromatherapy online stores or local ones provide products that don’t contain harmful, toxic or questionable ingredients, instead, they come as a 100% natural products and give quick and effective results.

Guide to Essential Oils

Health benefits and purposes of essential oils and aromatherapy treatments

The main purpose why aromatherapists use essential oils in their treatments is the relaxation of their clients. They apply pure essential oils directly to the skin and make smooth and flowing movements that free the body muscles. After the treatments the person feels a complete relaxation and enhanced well-being, ready to face the challenges of the new dawn. If you also are dealing with stress issues you may find helpful this blend which can help you get rid of anxiety and fatigue.

On the other hand, there is a vast majority of people who struggle with different skin and health conditions like constant headaches, migraine, progressive skin changes, lack of good sleep, depression, skin allergies, problems with their immune system and similar. Those who have tried the powerful and healing effects of aromatherapy essential oils greatly recommend them in reducing these symptoms.

But the list of benefits does not end up here; some people love to refresh their indoor space with diffusers or sprays with a couple of drops from their preferred essential oil or essential oil blend, while others like to light up candles which come with a whole variety of scents that have the same calming effects as the essential oil itself.

Why it is good to use blends and which essential oils can you combine together?

These powerful liquids have one paramount characteristic, they can be blended with other scents to achieve a synergy, which means their powers change and you are more likely to achieve better effects. But keep in mind, you cannot blend them as you wish, you must follow the instructions and leave the blend for a week, then apply it. Chamomile, for example, has a calming effect when blended with lavender and clary and can help you relieve stress; a peppermint, rosemary and eucalyptus blend can help strengthen the function of the immune system and if you plan a romantic evening ahead you can consider the powerful blend of sandalwood, a couple of drops of vanilla and jasmine essential oil for more pleasurable moments.