Industrial 3 Phase Power Plug – Uses and Benefits

If you want to stay safe using electricity in your warehouse or small manufacturing space, an industrial 3 phase plug is the most preferred solution in that case. In every industry, there’s a type of electricity which is best suited for the specific industry settings, hence the need for implementing the right industrial plugs. This helps to keep safe the work environment and keep the equipment functioning properly.

When talking about polyphase systems, 3 phase power plugs are made to be used both indoors and outdoors. A 3 phase power plug can be used even when the circuit is outside and in situations where it needs to sustain stress from environmental factors. The industries that make use of multi-phase plugs are metallurgy, agriculture, construction, entertainment, wharf, and the packing industry. They are even used in mines and chemical plants where people work with flammable gases. Now let’s take a look at their numerous advantages.


Colour management

With industrial power plugs, you can’t go wrong if you abide by the colour codes which show how much a cable’s voltage is. If you have a plug that is red, that usually means that this product has a voltage of 380V. Blue ones indicate that the plug has a voltage of 200V. This helps to differentiate certain specifications more easily and it reduces the chances of getting it wrong.

Protective Design

The way a 3 phase power plug is designed makes for an electric shock unlikely to ever happen thanks to the way the pins differentiate in size. With industrial plugs, the earth pins are the longest ones and then come the negative and positive pins, which means that the grounding comes first before anything is electrified. Simply put – safety comes first here.

IP Rating

The fact that industrial power plugs have IP (Ingress Protection) rating makes them even more secure and durable as this shows how dustproof and waterproof they are. This also proves that there are great amounts of insulation embedded in the device protecting the user from the electrical parts.
So next time you get a 3 phase power plug with an IP 67 rating, you can rest assured that the product can endure in most industrial settings.

Lifespan & Capacity

The load capacity is definitely higher than the one in households as the cross-section of the plug is usually 1.5mm² which means that a plug can carry more than 4000W. Also, the number of times an industrial plug can be inserted into an outlet is greater than 5000, which makes power plugs of this kind to last more than 10 years. Usually, the average number of insertions is around 100,000 times.