Keep Your Home and the Planet Clean with Eco-friendly Cleaning Products

Green cleaning

We all want our homes clean and beautiful, both our own personal homes and our only home in this universe – the Earth. But while we are trying to clean the first one, we tend to forget about the second one, the one that gives us life. All the harmful chemicals and toxins in the cleaning products released into the environment do not magically disappear when we pour them down the drain. They are still here, in our water, soil, air, food…

So, let’s make better choices for ourselves and the planet, as consumers and as residents on our earth. Shifting to organic cleaners is a small step with a huge impact. As the offer of Australian eco friendly cleaning products is constantly increasing, it is becoming easier to find suitable replacements for every cleaning endeavour.

Reasons for Going Green

Going green is a healthier option for both your family and the earth. Not only will you be able to sleep better at night knowing you’re doing your part to curb the amount of harmful chemicals being released into our atmosphere — you’ll also be contributing to a healthier home environment.

Safer Home

Safe cleaning products

When you use natural cleaning products, you are protecting your family by not exposing them to all the toxins usually found in traditional cleaners. We all hate the stink of bleach and ammonia, not to mention the eye irritation, headaches, dizziness, skin rash or what it does to our respiratory system. Just reading the labels that say Warning or Toxic should make us wonder why we would use that in areas where our children and pets play. With switching to green-only cleaning products, you will stop breathing in any icky chemicals. You will improve the overall indoor air quality, plus make your homes smell nice since the natural ingredients often include essential oils.

Chemical poisoning is a real threat, especially if you have young children in the home. Even if you have taken all necessary precautions, why risk endangering the lives of your loved ones?
They are super-susceptible to the harmful effects of chemicals and there are chances of developing asthma or other chronic illnesses. When you make the transition from using traditional to green cleaning products, you’re creating a safer atmosphere for you and your kiddos alike.

Less Damage to Household Items

Cleaning surfaces

Since most cleaning agents contain strong chemicals, they easily damage the surfaces of household items such as kitchen tops, dishes, floors, furniture, and clothes. Natural home cleaning products are not corrosive and maintain the longevity of your belongings. They must meet strict guidelines regarding toxicity and skin absorption, so your clothes will last longer and if you have sensitive skin you won’t have to worry about rashes.

Cleaner Planet

All the products we use to make our homes spotless eventually end up in our surroundings, whether that’s the water, the soil, or the ocean. The chemicals are as hazardous for animals as they are for people. Contaminating the waterways will inevitably harm aquatic life, destroy biomes and endanger more species.

Many Australian eco friendly cleaning products suppliers also offer reusable alternatives to the plastic bottles that end up in landfills. Some of them use reused materials or biodegradable packaging and make sure the products are cruelty-free, palm oil free, and sustainably sourced. Plus, switching to green cleaning products presents an excellent learning experience for young children – this is a great way to start the conversation surrounding the importance of environmentalism.

What Is an Eco Friendly Cleaning System?

Eco friendly cleaning

Using all-natural cleaning products in compostable packaging together with plant-based cleaning tools is an eco-friendly cleaning system that works. Knowing you are part of the solution can motivate you to make some additional changes to your routines like swapping to sustainable cleaning tools, a simple strategy to going green.

  • Swap plastic for glass – One of the easiest things you could do is use glass spray bottles instead of plastic ones. By refilling them you will break the cycle of continuously buying more plastic.
  • Reusable cleaning cloths – Before we fell into the disposable ‘trap’ of single-use cleaning wipes and paper towels, we all had them. Cloth rags, like the ones our grandmothers used, are perfect for trapping dirt and dust and are simply washed afterwards. Just throw them into the washing machine and use them again and again, saving money and trees.
  • Natural compostable sponges made from biodegradable materials such as cellulose, coconut husk, or cotton fibres work just as well as conventional sponges, but at the end of their lifespan, they can be just tossed in with your compost.
  • Plant-based brushes are something similar, made from untreated wood with natural tampico bristle heads that can be replaced when needed.
  • Substitute dryer sheets with wool dryer balls and reduce the drying time significantly.


We no longer have excuses when it comes to finding more sustainable and non toxic cleaning products because there are now more choices than ever. Certified organic alternatives made from all-natural plant-based ingredients that do not contain toxins are the best choice for your own personal health and the health of our planet. Green cleaning is safer, cuts down on household waste and saves money in the long run. We can all make a difference.