Ladies’ Hats: A Summery Guide to Get You Inspired

Stylish hats are everyone’s favourite accessory. They provide a fun way to make a fashion splash with just one detail. Your summer outfit can go from simple to interesting by simply including a chic hat into your look. However, they can be a bit tricky to style. Luckily, what follows is a guide to help you wear hats in summer with confidence and in a fashionable manner.

Wearing hats for ladies during summer can be a fun experience. Plus, mistakes are rarely possible. Just in case, let’s go through some unwritten rules that you will surely find helpful. Firstly, you’ll need several for style purposes and at least one for infallible protection. Panamas and fedoras, for instance, can add a doze of sophistication, whereas straw hats are lightweight and a bit more casual.


Once you find your ideal type, next comes finding the ideal colour scheme. First, ask yourself “What colour are my coats, jackets and scarves?” The answer to this simple question will show you the colours you wear most and feel most comfortable and confident in. This starting point is easy to master and usually leads to either black, blue or the lighter options – brown or taupe hats. Moreover, after you know the shade at least, you need to be careful about your skin tone too. You should opt for hats for ladies that bring warmth and colour to your skin, not models that wash you out and reflect a sickly look.

Here is a little help in the skin tone field. If you have pale or simply lighter skin tone, it is recommended that you go for darker coloured hats for ladies. Namely, grey, brown, burgundy, green and dark blue will create contrast with your skin and as a result, bring warmth and colour. Black is dark too, but avoid it as it can wash out pale skin. Second, olive skin tones. People with olive skin tones have naturally warmer complexion, meaning that they can wear a wider range of colours. You are advised, however, to go for either slightly brighter or darker shades than the middle ground. Don’t match the hat exactly to the shade of your skin tone. And darker skin tones have it easiest. You can wear pretty much every colour you find stylish.


And lastly, when choosing hats for ladies you need to also pay attention to your height and face shape. So, if you are tall you can wear wide-brimmed hats. Small and short-brimmed hats can make you look out of proportion with the rest of your body. And for those of you that are shorter, wide-brimmed hats are not quite suitable since they can make you look even shorter. Instead, opt for a brim that stays within your shoulders’ width. As for your face shape – if you have round face avoid hats that have round crown and opt for more angular models. And if you have long face – medium-sized brim and shorter crowned hats are your best choice.