A Simple Guide to Buying a LED Flashlight – Things to Consider


The great advances in flashlight technology have transformed these units into valuable multipurpose tools with a range of benefits. If you are an outdoor enthusiast who enjoys different activities or just love exploring at night, then owning a good LED flash light is a must. Not only it will illuminate your surrounding environment, but it will also make you feel safer wherever you are. However, buying a flashlight is not as easy as it seems as there are plenty of options to choose from. If you are buying your very first LED torch, take a look at these few important features.

Battery Type

There are two main categories of battery types – non-rechargeable and rechargeable. Non-rechargeable or disposable batteries are a cheaper option and they are easily accessible as they can be found literally anywhere. They are a great choice if you are using your flashlight on the go. Just put a pair of extra batteries in your pocket and you are ready. On the other hand, if you are using the torch more often, then buying a LED flash light with a rechargeable battery is your best bet. If you are venturing into the great outdoors or you need extra light when working, then a flashlight with a rechargeable battery will be a more convenient choice and could even save you money over time.

Lumens and Light Output

Lumen is the unit that measures light output. This means that the more lumens the flashlight has, the brighter its beam will be. For instance, a LED torch that features 1000 lumens will be much brighter than one that has 180 lumens. However, a brighter light may not always be the best choice for you. It all depends on your personal needs and what you are going to use your flashlight for.


Depending on the usage, you may not necessarily need to invest in the most durable flashlight on the market, but still, durability is a factor that shouldn’t be overlooked when buying a new torch. Today there are so many durability tests and quality certifications that torches undergo that some models are almost indestructible. There are flashlights that are impact-resistant, waterproof, can be thrown off a cliff and still work. So if you are a firefighter, a construction worker, or a police officer – you want to choose a device that will be able to withstand various tough conditions.


Many people think that buying a high-quality flashlight will cost them a fortune. Yes, there are some extremely expensive options, but there are also some extremely durable and long-lasting torches that come at a decent price as well. Think about how much you are willing to spend on this unit and what you are planning to use it for. If you need it for every day carry, you can find many options available that won’t break your bank. If you need it for hunting or some other outdoor activity, you may need to spend a bit more so you can be sure you have a device that won’t let you down.