Mental Health Guide: Relieve Stress with Rescue Remedy Spray


What Are Bach Flower Remedies?

Bach flower remedies are a complementary treatment used for stress and emotional problems. These remedies have been created by Edward Bach, a medical doctor and homeopath, and have been around for close to a hundred years. In addition, homeopathy is the belief that the body can cure itself. Bach’s idea is similar to homeopathy, but these flower essences don’t work directly on physical symptoms, but rather on the emotions. Bach flower essences are small amounts of natural substances like plants and minerals which are used to treat the body and mind. His system contains 38 remedies and different flower essences have a different purpose. Additionally, there is a combination remedy that contains a few different flowers. The most popular out of all Bach remedies is the Rescue Remedy spray.

Rescue Remedy and Its Ingredients

Rescue Remedy is designed to be used during those times of sudden upset or stress when you find yourself in traumatic situations (emergencies, getting bad news, feeling stressed before a job interview or an exam, or just everyday problems). To help yourself deal with such situations easier, make sure you always have with you Rescue Remedy spray to stay grounded, relax and quickly get back to your normal balance. This is also a convenient spray for relieving sleeplessness associated with worrying thoughts. Being a natural remedy, it is a blend of five different wildflowers.




This flower essence is ideal for those who act and think quickly, and want all things to be done without hesitation or delay. These people usually find it very difficult to be patient with people who are slow as they consider it wrong and a waste of time. That’s why they often prefer to work alone. Impatiens teaches empathy and understanding how to be patient with others.

Star of Bethlehem

The essence of the Star of Bethlehem is helpful for trauma and shock (serious news, loss of someone dear, the fright following an accident, etc.) experienced either recently or in the past. This remedy may bring comfort for people who refuse to be consoled for a certain time.

Cherry Plum

The Cherry plum essence can help those who fear losing control of their thoughts and actions, of doing fearful and dreaded things, things they know are bad for them, but yet have the impulse to do them. Hence, it teaches them how to be spontaneous and to have the courage to follow their path.



Rock Rose

In situations when one experiences panic and terror, rock rose essence can help. This can be a remedy for cases when it appears like there’s no hope. For example, sudden illness, serious injuries, or when the patient is very frightened for whatever reason.


Clematis can aid those who find themselves to be very unhappy and withdraw into fantasy worlds. These people are dreamy, drowsy, not fully awake and have no great interest in life. They live more in the future than in the present and have no hopes of happier times. So, Clematis helps them establish a bridge between the physical world and the world of ideas, and helps bring clarity and alertness to the present moment.

All these ingredients can lessen stress and anxiety, promote healthy sleep and soothe the pain. It’s no news that stress can have a negative impact on our body and our immune system resulting in a host of health problems, such as diabetes, obesity and heart disease. These flower essences, i.e. this Rescue Remedy is considered safe, without having any known adverse side effects. It’s also safe for people who are following a gluten-free diet.



How to Use the Rescue Remedy Spray?

Aside from coming as a spray, Rescue Remedy also comes in a dropper bottle and pastilles. To properly use it, you need to bring the spray nozzle up to your mouth and apply 2 sprays on the tongue. Be careful not to spray into your throat or eyes. Repeat the process if necessary, and always read the label and use only as directed.

When it comes to the dropper, you can put 4 drops (which is the recommended amount) on the tongue, or simply add 4 drops to a glass of water or some other drink of your choice and sip at intervals. As for the pastilles, each pastille contains 4 drops of the Rescue Remedy and you just chew one pastille. They are pretty easy to use and have delicious flavours.