Simple Buying Guide To Server Rack Cabinets

It’s well known that a server rack cabinet serves for mounting network equipment like servers, routers, switches and other related devices. The purpose of these cabinets is not to only store, but also to organize and protect the devices you have. Depending on your personal needs, you can either buy an open-frame server rack cabinet or a rack enclosure. This is an ideal way to get rid of all cable clutter and tangling in your office and prolong the life span of your devices.

Market offers a wide range of durable server rack cabinet models to fit everyone’s needs. You just need to be careful when buying one – consider functionality rather than the price. To make your shopping experience hassle-free, read our server rack cabinet buying guide below.

Calculate The Height – Standard sizes for all server rack cabinet models are measured in ”u” units. One rack unit is a 44.45 mm. Typically, a switch will be 1U in size, so you need to do the math. Calculate the size of the equipment you plan to store in the server rack cabinet. Once you have determined the sizes of all devices, leave at least 10 % additional room for devices you may store in the future. The bottom line is, the cabinet should be big enough to properly store your equipment.

Determine The Width – The most common server rack cabinet widths are 600 mm and 800 mm. There is only a slight difference between the two. If you need more space for better cable management, we recommend the 800 mm wide rack.

Server Cabinet Depth – Manufacturers these days make cabinets shorter in height, but with greater depth. Your server rack cabinet should be deep enough to house the equipment you have. Even though mounts are adjustable, still you need to make enough room for cables.

Ventilation Of Server Rack Cabinet – Servers need to be well ventilated to work right. If you fail to provide enough airflow in the cabinet, servers may stop working. That’s why it is important to use roof mount fans that regulate temperature and prevent overheating. Select cabinets with mesh or glass doors with side ventilation to allow greater airflow.

Additional Accessories – You will find a wide range of accessories depending on the type of a server rack cabinet. For example, if you want to add adjustable depth in your cabinet, select fixed shelves. Choose chimney for greater performance and smoother connection. For greater security and protection of your devices, get mesh or glass doors. And what’s most important, you can use cable trays to route cables neatly inside the cabinet.

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