Simple Four-Season Guide For Outdoor Chairs Maintenance


Whether your outdoor space is large or small, having an area where you can sit and enjoy the view adds to its pleasure. And if there is space for dining, even better. For this you need outdoor furniture, namely sofas and chairs.

Outdoor chairs Australia retailers offer an outstanding range of outdoor chairs models and accessories that can help your create the kind of outdoor environment you’ve always dreamed of. But it’s not all glamour. Outdoor furniture requires regular maintenance. And when it comes to maintenance-free types of outdoor chairs, wicker furniture is one of the best options. It doesn’t rust, or decay, and is very simple to clean. However, a certain amount of upkeep will be needed to keep your outdoor chairs and table looking new and at their best.

Although you may not be able to enjoy your outdoor furniture all 12 months, maintenance is a all-year-round chore; not just something you need to do in the summer season. Here is a simple four-season guide for proper outdoor chair and other furniture upkeep.


Like Robin Williams used to say: Spring is nature’s way of saying, “Let’s party!” But it is also the season to clean up and uncover outdoor furniture that has been in storage during the cold months.

  • Remove and store all protective covers. These covers will need to be dry, and folded neatly to save storage space.
  • Check the furniture to see if there is any wear or damage from the last season or that may have occurred while the furniture was in storage.
  • Once you’ve inspected your furniture, give it a good spray using your garden hose.
  • Clean off any dust, cobwebs, dirt and grime.


In summer, this is when you will use your outdoor chairs the most. And preventions is the key maintenance factor during the hot months.

  • For beginners, leaving wicker furniture out in the sun for prolonged periods of time may lead to warping.
  • Make sure to wipe off any spills of suntan lotion that may fall onto the furniture as this can cause permanent stains.
  • Never throw your outdoor chairs in the pool. While some water is fine, prolonged exposure to chlorine will damage the finish.


As the weather cools down, decide when to put your furniture away.

  • If you will not use your furniture much in the fall season, then you can store it earlier and avoid autumn storms.
  • Before you cover your chairs, make sure they are completely dry. This will prevent mildew or pests from inhabiting your furniture.
  • If you have the space, storing the furniture inside is the best way to keep it in good condition. If not, tightly secured coverings will work just as well.


Fortunately, there isn’t much to be done during the cold months.

  • If you feel like it, check your furniture from time to time to ensure the covers are secured.
  • When in storage, ensure the furniture is not being compressed by anything that can cause it to crack.
  • Aside from this, a little dusting is always welcoming.

One another great tip to have long-lasting outdoor chairs, is to make sure you buy good-quality furniture. So, when searching the offers of the outdoor chairs Australia retailers, make sure you put quality over price. Many offer bargain deals, but do not live up to their promise which is unbeatable quality.