Simple Guide: Bedside Table Solutions


Did you know that the side bed table can tell a lot about a person? This small bedroom furniture piece can be very practical and comes in all shapes and sizes, styles and colours.

What type of side bed table do you have in your bedroom? Or maybe are looking to buy one, but wonder which one you should choose for your bedroom? There are many questions that need to be answered. How high should the nightstand be? How many you should have in a room? Should they be matching, and does it even have to be a table? If all this is on your mind, we’ve got you covered.



The perfect height for a side bed table is somewhat as tall as the top of your mattress. This allows you to have a visual line all the way across the bed and makes it easy to have everything within reach. On the other hand, if plan to nothing but a lamp on it, get a taller nightstand.

Space Problems

If you have problems finding something that can fit your small bedroom, then mount a shelf next to your bed and use it as a side bed table. You can mount it at your preferable height and it will take up no floor space. If you love minimalism, maybe just the platform around your bed will be enough for you to place a book or your cell phone for the night. If you choose this option, you can use the light of wall sconces instead of lamps which take up space. You can also use the storage drawers underneath your bed where you can stock up everything you need.

Matching bedside tables

It is not obligatory, of course, but it looks better if they are in some way balanced. Here is a small tip: if the tables have noticeable size differences, then avoid using matching lamps since they will attract more attention to the different heights.

You can put a higher lamp onto the smaller table and a shorter one onto the higher table. Also, if you plan to have a small office in your bedroom, then it would be a clever idea to use a small part of the desk as a side bed table. To help pull together the look, you can have matching lamps on the bedside table as well as on the desk.

Bedside Table Dressers

Using your dresser at the same time as a side bed table is very functional and it is a terrific idea. Be realistic about your space needs. If you need more storage, bedside table with drawers is a great option. End tables are also interesting. They occupy the same space as a regular side bed table, but the shelves give you more space for your night essentials.

Be creative

On the other hand, you don’t have to strictly follow these rules, you can let your imagination guide you when decorating your personal space. You can put a ladder next to your bed and put your necessary items on it. You can hang your jewelry, place books or even a lamp. You will have many possibilities with this space-saver.


If you do not feel like spending money on a side bed table, you can easily use a dainty chair and put a cute vase of fresh flowers. Waking up to a beautiful sight is a great way to start the day, isn’t it? At the end, if you don’t really need a place to put your books, glasses or a glass of water, then there is really no law saying that you must have a side table. A tall lamp can stand alone on the floor. And it will look magnificent.