Simple Guide To American Real Estate

American Real Estate

The global housing market has never been more colorful, specifically when it comes to the US real estate. There are statistics that show that international buyers purchase more than $68.2 billion in USA residential real estate across all 50 states. This is more than 6% of total US home sales in value. If you are an international investor, investing in a non familiar marketplace can be daunting. While this simple guide will help you get started, it is best to look for the expertise of an experienced real estate advisor, mortgage broker, attorney and accountant.

Before you begin your search for the property, it is essential to determine how you will use the home:

  • vacation home only;
  • a home to stay in while doing business in the US;
  • a home for your kids while they are at collage;
  • an investment;
  • or, a long term residence?

Note that buying real estate in the US doesn’t give you any privileges or rights regarding legal status or stay. If you are interested in staying longer than allowed by your visa, you should contact an immigration lawyer. By determining the basic use for your home and how long you plan to own it, you will be able to give information to your real estate advisor that will help in your search.

Learn How The US Real Estate Market Works – The way American real estate transactions are implement differ from Australia. Each state in America has out rules, including the type of purchase, the method of closing the sale and the titles and duties of the individuals. Few important things worth nothing:

  • In America, real estate listings are shared by agents using many listing services and buyers can find the same information using some of the real estate sites. In some other world countries, buyers need to go from one real estate advisor to another to find property.
  • In some countries, it’s normal to pay certain fee to the real estate agents who are investigating properties and showing you around. In the US this is paid by the seller.
  • Real estate advisor in the US needs licenses to operate. The laws of each state differ regarding the depth and type of licensing examinations, how much education is needed and whether education courses are needed once an agent is licensed.

Work With Professional Local Real Estate Advisor – Take time to find experienced and qualified real estate advisor to walk you through the purchasing process. Finding and selecting a qualified team will take some time – do website searches, check references, ask associates for referrals. In the end, these professionals will make this experience less stressful for you.

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