Simple Guide To Antique Furniture

If you are interested into antique furniture, you should educate yourself about the historical time frame and the style you want to buy. There are a numerous ways to decorate your home with amazing antique furniture pieces. It’s amazing how a single antique mirror can make a huge difference in your home. Or maybe you can choose an antique dinning table and chairs to get that aristocratic look. Most people opt for this decorating style, simple because it brings history and elegance into your home. Since buying antique furniture pieces can be a costly investment, make sure you find a reliable antique furniture Melbourne shop where you can buy original antique furniture. Read our simple guide that can help you in your quest for amazing antique pieces:

Care Tips – For most people, cleaning the antique furniture is a time consuming task. But actually, it’s pretty easy if you know what to use. When you combine the right cleaning product and a simple how-to guide, the cleaning procedure becomes a piece of cake. First and foremost, never clean antique furniture pieces in a circular motion. You should follow the wood grain. Once you are done with the scrubbing, choose the right cleaning method. If you want to use chemical free products, then put a cotton sock on your hand, and rub the antique furniture with a lemon oil. Repeat the procedure for several times and leave it to dry over the night. In some case you can use a mixture of white vinegar and linseed oil. But, if you don’t have the skills and the knowledge, maybe it is best to leave everything in hands of professionals.


Design Ideas – When using antique furniture pieces, you need to find the ones that will match your home décor. Try to find a reliable antique furniture Melbourne shop with well educated sales person who can help you to choose the right pieces. You can place antique mirror above the mantel, or use it as decorating piece in the dinning room, or just as item that will light up your bedroom.

Ensure Authenticity – If you are serious about decorating your house with antique furniture pieces, then you must make sure that they are unique and authentic. You must verify the geographical and historical authenticity of a certain antique furniture before you make the final purchase. If you find it hard to determine the authenticity of the antique furniture, then you should consult with expert who knows how to properly evaluate the value of the furniture.