Simple Guide to Bodum Glassware


Bodum holds the reputation as one of world’s most popular tableware and kitchenware manufacturer. Today this brand stands for quality, durability and affordability. The whole story began in 1944 when Peter Bodum first decided to establish the Bodum company. Although this company was just a dream, pretty soon it became a world-known brand that succeeded to break the overseas territories. Bodum was founded in Copenhagen, Denmark, but 30 years later it was moved to Switzerland by Peter’s son Jorgen.

Bodum became known for the French press technique they used for most of their products. The word ‘French press’ became their own trademark symbol that was recognized all around the world. Bodum delivers better quality and greater range of products compared to brand’s counterparts. The popularity is based on the quality borosilicate glass that is resistant to heat temperatures and thermal shock. All Bodum glassware products are microwave safe. None of the products will break nor explode when exposed to microwaves. To learn more on Bodum glassware products, continue reading the guide below.

Double-Walled Products

Bodum counts more than 200 different products, most of which are double-walled glasses designed for hot and cold drinks. The beauty of these glasses is that you can keep cold drinks cold and hot drinks hot for a longer when compared to regular mugs and cups. Not to forget the fact that these double borosilicate glasses don’t create condensation when cold beverages are served. This means no messy fingers on your mugs and cups. Bodum double-walled glasses are designed to be safely handled without burning your fingers when holding the glass. When it comes to Bodum glassware products, you will find various sizes, colours and shapes of mugs and cups that fit well with any kind of tableware.

Tea Press

Bodum teapots revolutionized the way tea is made. This brand introduced a completely new way of preparing coffee and tea. Bodum tea presses are designed to allow tea leaves enough space and time to infuse and release their stimulating powers. These tea makers are made of heat-resistant borosilicate glass that is transparent to allow users witness the whole chemical interaction of tea leaves and water.