Simple Guide to Buying a Personal Vaporizer


A personal vaporizer, also known as e-cigarette is a perfect device for individuals who want to quit smoking tobacco and at the same time desire more control and vapor. With so many choices of personal vaporizers out there, it can be a tough task to find the perfect one. The purpose of this guide is to help you completely understand the options available to you so you can make the right choice.

The most common types of personal vaporizers are:

  • Basic Vaporizers (EGO) – The most popular type thanks to its small, compact and easy-to-use features;
  • Advanced Vaporizers (MODS) – Regulated vaporizers that offer big vapor and flavour, and also a longer battery life;
  • Rebuildables (Mech MODS) – Unregulated vaporizers capable of producing the biggest vapor.
  • Herbal Vaporizers – No-smoke vaporizers that use dried herbs and tobacco.


A personal vaporizer is able of producing bigger clouds of vapor. And having a battery that lasts all day and a large capacity tank on top, personal vaporizers have become the favourite choice among heavy smokers.

Most of the advanced personal vaporizer styles feature a variable voltage or/and wattage. This feature allows you to adjust the output of the battery up or down in order to obtain the best temp for any flavour. The lower the voltage or wattage, the lower will be the output of power to the battery and vice versa.

The biggest advantage of using a personal vaporizer is the ability to see and control almost everything. Most models allow users to check the battery levels, see the resistance of the element coil and watch the output of the voltage/wattage going to the heating element.

Many of the personal vaporizers available on the market come with different resistances that are referred to as low resistance or high resistance. The lower the resistance, the higher the temperature of the element will be. This will allow you to find the perfect combination of heat and voltage for any liquid flavour.

If you have tried all possible ‘quit smoking’ solutions available on the market, such as gums and patches, but are not satisfied with them, a personal vaporizer may be what you have been looking for. Although it may be big and sometimes not attractive, it is definitely worth the extra weight and effort.