Simple Guide to Choosing Modern Tables for Your Home

modern tables

If you want your home to be a reflection of your personality, get the things you love. Though it sounds that simple, often times people forget to actually consider this but rather buy whatever is declared as the current style instead. This is the recipe for getting something you don’t enjoy, as much as you would when you pick clothes that don’t exactly fit in with the rest of your wardrobe. In this regard, picking the right furniture is similar to picking the right clothing. Every piece of furniture is telling its own story and the way you combine all pieces is like matching different stories, seeing whether they complete each other or not to create a bigger outcome. The ending result is what matters, that’s what makes the decorating experience rewarding because you get to live in the surroundings you organise.

Tables are an essential component of homes. They were among the first bits of furniture humankind has used and are still just as important; they’re something a home can’t do without. They’ve long passed their sole role of being used as utility objects, and now have very much a say in the whole interior décor. Modern tables nowadays come in all shapes and sizes, meant for specific rooms and uses. Seeing all the different designs could be a bit confusing, but planning on ahead of your purchase can be your guiding point. Considering the variety of tables, there are certain things you should look into when buying choosing specific ones.

Take the dining table for instance. Since the kitchen is called the heart of the home, the dining table is the heart of the dining room. They’ve always served as the object connecting people over meals, perfect for bonding time. Though people are more oriented towards opting for meals by the TV, which is both proved unhealthy and not helpful with deepening the family bonds. A dining table is supposed to provide enough space for every member and fit in well within the dining room, so width and length should be your priority. If you have a small room, steer away from corners and go for a round table, whereas if you have a narrow room opt for a rectangular one, that way you won’t end up with cramped space. Once you’ve got that covered, you can pay attention to the materials it is made of.

In the world of modern tables, the coffee ones have plenty to offer. Unlike with the predominant utility role of the dining tables, coffee tables are placed in living rooms complementing a sofa or chair in a rather focal point so they are designed to be eye-catching. Made from a variety of materials, from wood such as oak, maple, or cherry, to metal and glass, it’s up to you to decide the ambiance outcome you wish to create. Wood is the all-time winner when it comes to evoking warmth and elegance, while metal and glass give off a tone of simplicity. Any model can easily be decorated with the beauty of plants, and if you want to have a coffee table that looks like it’s one right out of the pages of magazines, make room for some coffee and drinks and layer the remaining part with books, magazines and vases – they always do the trick.

Your table quest wouldn’t be complete without a bedside table. It’s particularly useful when you feel so sleepy to get out of bed and just get a snack, book or your reading glasses. A drawer provides all the storage for your knick knacks, plus you get to have a lamp by your side. Make sure you measure up based on the height of your bed and the side space around it. And whichever tables catch your eye, don’t forget to have your budget in mind.