Simple Guide to Creating a Relaxing Oasis at Home

“Slow, love, slow.” These are the words that start popping in my mind whenever I let my everyday activities and responsibilities leave me exhausted and stressed out. This fast-paced lifestyle of ours comes with a price, and its currency is our health. That’s precisely why today slowing down, taking time for ourselves, and relaxing is a must.

I know that visiting a nice spa center or going on a short weekend getaway every time you feel the need to unwind is practically impossible, which is why creating a small relaxing oasis at your own home is a really smart idea. Read on to find out how you can do this.

Purchase a Self Contained Sauna

Self contained saunas are an amazing alternative to conventional saunas at spa centers. They are usually dome-shaped, weigh around 15 kg, and are approximately 180 cm long, which means that you can place one even in the tiniest of your rooms.

A self contained sauna that uses far infrared technology offers many wonderful health benefits. Relaxation of the mind and body, detoxification, improved heart health, and weight loss are some of the most important ones. Since this text is about relaxation, I’ll focus solely on the first infrared sauna health benefit.

A nice infrared sauna session promotes relaxation of both the mind and the body and improves sleep. Infrared saunas balance the body’s level of cortisol (its primary stress hormone) and their gentle heat reaches, relaxes, and invigorates many muscles, ligaments, and organs, leaving their users fully refreshed after each session. Investing in a self contained sauna is investing in your health.

Embrace Candlelight

Although natural light can create positive energy, it can also distract and/or blind you. That’s precisely why you should make sure sunshine doesn’t ruin the soothing ambience in your stress-free zone by hanging white rice paper over the windows or incorporating beautiful sheer curtains into this room’s décor. This is how you’ll be able to light up a few scented candles during your infrared sauna sessions and slip into relaxation both during the daytime and at night. The tranquil light of candles is the perfect addition to any relaxation routine, so don’t forget to include them in yours.

Pick the Right Colors

Cooler hues such as dark gray-blue, soft gray, icy blue, pale pink, and lavender are ideal for creating a calming atmosphere in a room. So, before you start using your very own sanctuary, make sure to paint the walls in one or more of these stress-reducing colors.