Simple Guide to Creating a Smart Home with Google Nest Products

The term “smart” has gained enormous popularity in recent years, not just with regard to automobiles and phones but also with homes. This is mostly because people believe that these sophisticated technologies have the ability to significantly enhance their lives. In contrast to older homes, these modernised ones are more environmentally friendly, energy-efficient, and, to put it simply, they make the busy modern person’s life easier and more enjoyable.

Google is one brand that particularly excels at ameliorating everyday life. With the numerous user-friendly Google products that also won’t put a strain on your budget, it’s easier than ever before to turn your own abode into a smart one and live smarter, not harder! If you don’t know where to start, the Google Nest range offers many things you may want in such an innovative system. You can get your hands on:

Google Nest Mini

Don’t let the word “mini” fool you; despite its diminutive size, this device packs a powerful punch because it was designed to manage your music. It’s simple to set up and operate as a voice-controlled speaker that relies on Google Assistant. In addition to being your go-to assistant for playing your favourite music louder and with twice as much bass, it can also be useful around the house.

different colours on the nest

Whether it’s for telling you the weather, setting the alarm and timers, controlling smart devices, answering your questions, or even offering real-time translations, this device is going to become your best buddy in no time. It’s everything you could ever want in Google Products Australia suppliers can offer you – the price, the design, the features. All in all, it’s the perfect starting point on the path to getting a smart home.

Google Nest Hub Max

If you have a busy lifestyle (don’t we all?), and a busy family, then you know how challenging it can be to get things working early in the morning. Much like the Google Nest Hub, it’s an upgraded hub created for individuals who are pressed for time and need all the help they can get with staying on track with their daily schedules and chores.

Even if you have a big family, everyone can have their own reminders and calendars in this outstanding hub, which can also greatly assist with video calls and messages so it’s easy to stay in touch wherever you are. Since it’s compatible with various devices and home features, it’ll immensely come to your aid when you want to control appliances, TVs, speakers, lights, and locks without having to directly operate them.

Hub Max

Google Nest WiFi

If you want to get a whole Wi-Fi system in a small package that can also substitute your router, then this is the purchase you should make. Different from the traditional counterpart, this advanced device that comes in a combo of router and point can provide you with a strong Wi-Fi signal anywhere in your home which guarantees no disruption with your online important calls, chats, or streaming.

Another benefit to this specific type of Google product is that it’s scalable – i.e. it’s customisable for your exact Wi-Fi needs at home. If you have a bigger home and you require more coverage, you can simply purchase more Google Nest points. Mind you, these differ from the Nest WiFi router because they come with built-in speakers with Google Assistant.

Google Nest Audio

Want to get something more powerful than Google Home Audio? The top-notch Nest Audio offers you optimal audio quality so you can experience music like you never did before. With an impressive composition of tuning software, woofer and tweeter, you can experience vocals, notes, and bass the way they do sound. Depending on the size of your home, and the sound effect you want to have for your entertainment, you can connect two Nest Audio for a stereo sound, or even more of the Google products like the handy Nest Mini.

nest audio

Google Nest Camera and Doorbell

One of the biggest worries when leaving our home for some period of time is leaving it unattended. With the amazing outdoor Google Nest camera and doorbell combination, you can put your mind at ease, knowing your home’s security is well taken care of. Some of the features of the camera include night vision, two-way audio, familiar face detection, as well as a 24/7 recording.

google nest doorbell

Whereas the doorbell is a battery-powered video device that also differentiates between packages, pets, and people. If, besides the outdoor protection, you’d like to enhance the indoor security too, with a video-recording subscription you can also cover all the Nest cameras indoors.

Google Nest Protect

Speaking of home protection, one can’t do without smoke alarms either. But this isn’t your typical smoke alarm – the Nest Protect was designed to sense slow and fast-burning fires, self-test, detect carbon monoxide or smoke, and immediately lets you know of the whereabouts of the problem in the house. Even if you’re not around, it’ll notify you via smartphone just in case. Talk about a well-protected home!