Simple Guide to Finding the Best Hard Case For Your Keyboard

Keyboard Hard Case

“No one cares, no one sympathizes. You just stay home and play synthesizers.” – Inner City Pressure by Flight Of The Conchords

As every musician has surely realised over the years, the most important thing in their career is their money maker – in this case their keyboard. Trends come and go and the types of keyboards that are popular at a certain point of time change. However, one thing remains the same and that is the need to invest in a good keyboard hard case. A lot of musicians play in multiple bands and this is why they need to travel a lot. Whether by bus, car or aeroplane, the keyboard is sensitive and fragile equipment and one bum can do a lot of damage to it. However, with this simple guide, you will now which hard case you will want to invest depending on the quality, money and size.

Lightweight EPS Keyboard Case

While there are a lot of brands out there, there is nothing better than custom made keyboard hard case. It is made from nylon, foam and polyethylene for the purpose of adding extra strength from the inside. The classy interior is soft and made with tricot and foam, offering flexibility that a lot of other cases lack. There are adjustable straps which are the perfect mechanism to give protection while you are transporting them. It is easy to move because of the built-in wheels that have reachable tow handle and good placed skid bars, making one of the best hard cases for keyboards in Australia.

Heavy Duty Road Case – Keyboard

If you want to own the best keyboard of 2016, then the heavy duty road case is the perfect choice for you. It is also custom made, with steel ball corners and elegant foam lining offering at the same time durability and elegance. Well-built, durable and resistant to moving, it can fit the 49 model of keyboards. On the angles, there are aluminium angels with hybrid patching giving beautiful look and that prestige feeling to the user. While you move there are two lockable catches and sprang handle that offers you tight protection while you are moving them from one place to another. The manufacturer of this custom made keyboard case offers you a 1-year warranty, which other manufacturers are forgetting to offer.

Custom Made Roller Keyboard Case Octave Keyboards

If you are one of those musicians who carry different keyboards to different concerts, then this case is the perfect choice for you. You can choose from four, five, six or seven octave type of keyboard, offering you the freedom and making it a long-lasting investment. The exterior has a leather-like look, made from black laminate, fully foamed with premium material as Pe Foam, with a strong recessed sprung handle. The manufacturer is offering a 3 years warranty, which is the longest warranty on the market at the moment. In addition, there are extra compartments so you can store your power supply, pedals and other accessories for your keyboard. If you order it directly from the manufacturer you will get the colour you like and get the brand name impronted on the case.