Simple Guide to HP 12C Financial Calculator

HP 12C Financial Calculator

If you are a student or a business owner or a person who deals with numbers on a regular basis, an HP 12C financial calculator with its clean lines and advanced calculating abilities may be a great choice for you. In fact, this classic calculator was very popular in the 1980’s and was considered the favourite choice among financial professionals and accountants due to its easy-to-use features.

A HP 12C financial calculator is a type of device that operates in either algebraic or reverse polish notation mode, which allows you to swift calculation processing. It also features a seven-segment LCD display bar that allows a clear answer readout. Before you buy this financial calculator, take a moment to get familiar with its functionality. That will help you process the numbers correctly and efficiently for a productive and enjoyable experience.

Exploring the HP 12C Financial Calculator

The HP 12C financial calculator can handle various calculations (it can perform over 120 functions), from simple addition to different financial tasks such as complex loan amortization, register balancing, and much more. In addition to its rectangular shape that sits securely on a desk and can fit nicely in your hands, this calculator includes a case that can be gold or black.

Because the HP 12C financial calculator is considered a complex calculator, understanding its features and dual-function buttons is extremely important in order to get the most out of it.

HP 12C Calculator Functions Corresponding Value
On Turns the calculator on
F key Accesses upper function printed in gold
G key Access lower function printed in blue
INT key Calculates simple interest
PV key Stores original or constant value in an equation
PMT key Calculates payment amount
AMORT key Processes amortization using stored values
YTM key Figures number of years until value maturity
SOYD key Enables sum of the years calculation mode
Case Dimensions (Length x Width x Height) 15cm by 7cm by 3 cm
Total Weight 0.50 kg

Making Calculations

Because the HP 12C financial calculator is very versatile, it can perform either basic or advanced calculations. Basic calculations include standard addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. When it comes to advanced calculation, the HP 12C financial calculator handles the entry functions and formulas with ease.

Where to buy the HP 12C Financial Calculator?

You can find HP 12C Financial Calculator online or in local stores. However, online is the fastest way to find the best calculators and discounts available. Plus, when you choose to shop for your financial calculator online, you will be offered a larger variety of options.