Simple Guide to Keeping Your Restaurant Spotless

spotless restaurant

Isn’t it incredible how much of our lives revolves around food? No matter the diet we might be having, getting the necessary nutrients on a daily basis is crucial for surviving. Having this in mind, it shouldn’t come as a surprise the food businesses are among the most lucrative there are, and Australia as the land of business successes (especially the small ones), makes for a pleasant environment to dream big and make it happen in the realm of food.

Out of all the different food business trends, restaurants are still among the most popular options. A word of caution though is to remember that about 60% of the restaurants close up within three years, so it’s needless to say it’s necessary to adopt the right strategy to make your story a successful one, including trying out groundbreaking changes such as setting an informal tone, with no bookings, and focusing on fresh produce. What you also can’t forget is the exact role hygiene has in this success and make it your habit to invest in the adequate commercial cleaning chemicals.

Cleaning is as important as cooking for a restaurant, so having the bits and pieces of cleaning products is the first step to having a spotless restaurant. What this means is you can’t skimp on getting the needed chemicals for the floor, the furniture, the kitchen (products for cleaning glassware, machinery, and surfaces), and the toilets. Great thing about the wide range of commercial cleaning chemicals today is there are those organic choices too in case you are concerned about chemicals.

As soon as you have the whole cleaning equipment, it’s time to set the cleaning ethics and hand out chores for every member of the staff. While this would make the place safe from bacteria and pest infestation, it’s bound to make every employee feel part of the team. While one is taking care of the thorough sanitising of the surfaces, and freezers, others are cleaning the floors, machinery, and glassware. Regular cleaning is essential in preventing accidents as well as protecting the machinery from costly repairs and damage.

Lastly, if you want to lose customers easily, keep the toilets dirty. Yes, thought it might not be so apparent, customers get an impression about a place based on the degree of cleanliness of the toilets which is why you can’t exclude them from the daily cleaning chores list. You can take it a step further by adding hand sanitisers around.