Simple Guide to Pet Grooming


If you are one of those who associate ‘pet grooming’ with a dog-show poodle, think again. Bathing and brushing your pet regularly isn’t just about appearances. It also plays a great role in the health of your pet. According to experts, basic grooming is an essential part of a pet care.

Although the services of a professional pet groomer are beneficial in various ways, you as a pet owner can often perform basic pet grooming at home with few simple tools. Read on to find out how.


A brush is one of the most basic grooming tools that every pet owner should own. Brushing your pet hair on a regular basis (daily or weekly, depending on the dog breed) will help prevent shedding, improve skin condition, stimulate blood flow and remove parasites such as fleas and ticks.


You should give your pet a bath at least every three months. However, if your dog sleeps in your bed or if you have pollen, dust or dander allergies, you can do it once a week. Specialists say that as long you use a shampoo that is specifically for pets, frequent shampooing is fine. Shampoos you use are not recommended because they are too acid and can cause your pet’s skin to dry out, crack and become more susceptible to fungus.

Trim Tips

If your pet is a poodle, a shih tzus or a schnauzers, which have fast-growing fur, you will need to trim it once every one to three months. With other breeds, you can decide whether to keep your pet fur short or shaggy. Aside from this, all pets should get the following care:

  • Nail trim: Once your pet’s nails start making contact with the floor, it means it is time for nail trimming. Long nails can affect the way your pet walks and can also make it hard for it to grip the floor. Moreover, nails can become ingrown and infected. To avoid pain and bleeding, cut the nails just above the quick – the nerves and blood vessels that supply the nail.
  • Facial fur trim: A shaggy hairstyle may be popular among adolescents but not for pet. Any hair into your pet’s eyes that obscures its vision should be trimmed.
  • Sanitary trim: A close trim or a shaving around the anus, vulva, or penis will help prevent urine or feces getting trapped in the fur and it can help keep females vulva free from rash. Use a small electric pet clipper to keep the hair short around these areas.

By following this simple pet grooming at home guide, caring for your pet will be easier, more convenient and better, and more economical.