Simple Guide To Rack Mount Cabinets

Tired of all the mess in your home or business office? Then, you should definitely consider the rack mount cabinets. They are ideal for small business offices that have limited space. The rack mount cabinets are designed to hold multiple devices at one place. Now you can free yourself from all that clutter that keeps you from working. Properly organized office will not only increase your productivity, but also will improve the efficiency of your IT equipment. The racks are the ideal solution for homes, offices and big data centers. If you plan to invest in a good rack mount cabinet, you should consider several things first. You don’t want to end up with a cabinet that is not capable to hold your IT equipment. To ease your buying process, follow our simple guide for choosing the right rack mount cabinet:

Type – Two types of rack mount cabinets are available on the market – enclosed rack cabinets and open-frame racks. The enclosed rack mount cabinets offer greater protection and security, while the open-frame racks provide easy access for the devices which are stored inside. If you want to protect your devices from unauthorized access, then you should go with the enclosed type. The open-frame rack mount cabinets provide better ventilation and airflow, as well as fast and easy access to the installed equipment.

Size – Another thing that need to be considered is the size of the rack mount cabinet. You must determine the correct size, but leave space for future growth. The size of the rack-mount cabinets will depend on the equipment you plan to install. You will find rack cabinets that can hold up to 180 kg. Just make sure you find ones that can hold your entire IT equipment. The most common rack mount cabinet is the 19-inch cabinet, but you can also find 4RU and 42 RU cabinets.

Depth – The rack mount cabinet depth is another important feature you should keep in mind. Manufacturers put more accent on the depth of the cabinet instead on the height. You will find racks that are 300, 450, 550 and 800 mm deep. Which one will fit better will depend on the equipment you plan to store.

Ventilation – If you want to prolong the life span of your devices, then choose a rack mount cabinet that provides proper ventilation. Look for cabinets that include fans, vented shelves and open doors to suck the hot air and to eliminate the chances of overheating. If you plan to install a number of devices in your cabinet, then choose a rack mount cabinet with mesh front doors and monitoring kit for proper ventilation.