Your Simple Guide to the Best Caravan Accessories for a More Enjoyable Trip

If you’ve just bought a new campervan, you’re probably itching to get on the road and get exploring! Well, we can’t really blame you, there’s quite a lot to see in our beautiful Australia. But before you head out, make sure you start off on the right foot and equip yourself with all the best campervan accessories. Finding the perfect caravan accessories can drastically improve your comfort, happiness, safety, and general enjoyment on your trips.

A Caravan Awning

white and gray caravan awning

Superb quality caravan awnings are an excellent way to quickly add more living space to your caravan when you pull up at your camp spot. However, there is a wide range of caravan awnings and which one will be best for you will vary. Nowadays, awnings for caravans can come as just a roof, with one side for extra weather protection and you can also find models like a fully walled room. Decide what you want the awning for upfront so you can easier choose the best one for your van and needs.

If you just want something that will shelter you from the rain or provide shade where you can set up a table and chairs and relax, a simple roof and poles might be enough. On the other hand, if you want something a bit more secure where you can leave equipment during the day or will protect you from extreme weather, a fully walled awning is a must.

Portable Solar Panels

Solar panels are must-have RV accessories and, ideally, they should be built into your van to create a fully off-grid system that works for you with zero hassle. However, if your van is not adequate for storing fixed panels, the next best thing would be portable solar panels. The ones you choose should be quick and easy to set up, lightweight to transport and easy to store.

A Fridge

family with a dometic waeco camping fridge

A campervan fridge is not that much of an “accessory” and it’s more of a camping kitchen appliance, however, having a reliable fridge on your adventures is so essential we didn’t want to overlook it. To get the best fridge, make sure you choose a model that’s compact and fairly quiet. No one likes sleeping next to a loudly humming fridge. There is a wide range of small 12V fridges ideal for travel with standard front opening options you can choose from. Think of a fridge just like the one you’d have at home but in a smaller version.

A Roof Rack

Anyone who spends a lot of time in their van will tell you the great importance of having enough storage space to keep all your essentials. One of the easiest ways to add extra storage to your campervan is by installing a roof rack! You can either just sling a large sturdy box on top of your campervan or buy a purpose-built roof rack – the storage options are truly endless. Nowadays, roof racks come in a wide range of different sizes and configurations, so it should be easy to find something that suits your campervan and needs.

A Pop Up Fire Pit

This is probably the favourite camper accessory for any experienced adventurers. Gathering around a fire, talking to your loved ones and roasting marshmallows can be a very enjoyable experience and a pop-up fire pit can make having a fire safe and responsible, no matter where you are. Usually, these sets are made of just two parts and are easily foldable. What’s more, their compact design makes them one of the best gifts for backpackers. You can just tuck it away in any rucksack and forget it’s even there.

Camping Chairs and a Foldable Table

friends sitting on folding camping chairs

Being able to sit outside of your campervan can feel like you have added an extra room to your setup, which is why having camping chairs and a foldable table is an essential van-life must-have. The camping chairs of today have greatly evolved from those dodgy, rock-hard seats our parents used to take on our family camping trips. Today, you can find some really compact and super comfy models. Choose chairs that pack down small and are lightweight to carry.

A compact, lightweight and foldable table is a motorhome essential that every adventurer will appreciate. Whether you want to eat outside, play cards with your loved ones, get some work done in the fresh air or just have your coffee in peace, a sturdy foldable table can be a great addition to your campervan lifestyle. Look for a model that either folds down completely flat or can be rolled up for easy storage.